We bow in gratitude 14 times

This is neither an eulogy nor a PR spin.

This is not even an editorial.

However, this has a purpose.

We take a bow to you readers, advertisers, contributors, well-wishers, supporters, critics and even competitors.

For, you have made us what we are today- stronger, brighter, mature and most important of all, sensitive to your needs.

We have been criticised and condemned by even some of our friends.

We take each of these in our stride.

Indian Newslink does not profess to be a placid publication, purveying what is perceived to be ‘good news’ but a newspaper that takes a definitive stand on people and matters. The publication does not keep anyone’s soul except its own and has in the process, been a constant target of criticism.

In pursuing our duties, many have seen us as crossing their paths and have made their displeasure known in no uncertain terms.

We have been taught to pursue journalism without fear or favour and lead on issues for the larger benefit of the society and the community we serve.

Modesty continues

We have also been told that modesty is among the finest attributes for scribes, which is why, staff photographs are seldom seen in this publication. That, you would notice presently, includes even this special 14th Anniversary issue.

We have, sparingly, if at all, called an exclusive report as such, never claimed to have broken stories even several occasions when we did. Because, those were all a part of our job, our duty call and our service to the people.

In trying to lead a self-effacing existence, we have conscientiously avoided accolades that invariably form a part of every letter that is sent to the editor-some 200 per issue. They are scrutinised, filtered and published, always sans the intro – but unfortunately only in our Web Edition. The reason is paucity of space in print.

Growing communities

Indian Newslink belongs to the extended Indian community including Indians from India, Fiji and rest of the world, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, Nepalese and people from the Middle East, and hence the publication has been on the forefront of a number of issues of concern to the community.

We are not braggadocios but our readers have often asked why we failed to stake our rightful claim over achievements.

“It’s not in our wont to do so,” we replied.

“But modesty is the lowest of virtues and those who undervalue themselves are justly undervalued by others,” Wellington reader Mahesh Patel wrote, quoting William Hazlitt. He was hurt by the unjust claims made elsewhere.

On introspection, followed by in-house discussions, we felt the interests of Indian Newslink and its readers should not be undermined.

Emerging opportunities

Indian Newslink will judiciously invest in resources – human, financial and material – to serve its readers and advertisers, fostering in the process, its avowed principles of justice, liberty and fairness towards all.

We believe the future would be exciting and replete with challenges.

And we love challenges.

For in every challenge we see an opportunity, an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to foster the ideals of journalism, the community, the society and the nation and an opportunity to pursue excellence.

For now, marking the special occasion is a tribute to our readers, advertisers, contributors and patrons, without whom, Indian Newslink could not have progressed into its second issue 14 years ago.

This is an occasion to express our gratitude to you and pledge to do better.

In gratitude, we take another bow and look forward to our 15th year.


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