“We must restrain guns and eliminate extremist language”

“We must restrain of guns and eliminate extremist language”

Transparency International

Wellington, March 21, 2019

Transparency International NZ Chairperson Suzanne Snively

The terrorist attack on two Christchurch Mosques on Friday (March 15, 2019) is an atrocious tragedy.  

A coward, dressed in fake fatigues, toted his deadly toys and leaked filth upon children and women and men in prayer, and in doing so poured his bile into our community. 

Now is the time for tears and burials and vigils. 

New Zealanders have drawn closer together in the face of this terrorist assault. 

Trust and Love

As our communities demonstrate in so many ways, trust and love between people is the best way to heal hate.

We are focusing on love and compassion, but we also need to recognise the full extent of this terrorist attack. 

Although the murderer is described as loner, early information suggests that he may have been encouraged and enabled by extremists overseas. 

It is possible that he also found supportive ears and mouths for his hatred in New Zealand and Australia. 

The people who were attacked were good Kiwis, living their own extraordinary lives. 

Their common connection was their religion, and that is as important for us to understand as our feelings of sympathy and our contributions of support. 

Call out racism and discrimination

We can reduce the likelihood of similar attacks through gun control but we must also work to reduce extremist language and behaviour. 

We need to recognise and call out racism and discrimination in our families, our workplaces and gathering spaces, including the internet.   

Suzanne Snively Video

Suzanne Snively, our Chairperson, has recorded a video. 

She gives sympathy for those lost and those who have lost, appreciation of heroic behaviour by individuals, by emergency personnel, police and medical staff, and by our leaders.  

She repeats the message of our Prime Minister that the people who live here make us ‘us,’ and she describes how we uphold shared values of kindness, tolerance, compassion and aroha.  She also says that we are resolute against this cowardly act which aimed to spread hate.  We won’t let that happen.

As-Salamu Alaikum 

Kia Mau Te Rongo Ki A Matou

Peace be with us all 


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