We should not allow Labour to throw us into regression

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

Since National formed the government in November 2008, its sound and robust policies and programmes have helped the economy to grow.

Our economy is one of the fastest growing in the developed world. It has registered impressive performance over the past 24 quarters.

National has led a responsible government and managed finances well; our businesses and people have worked hard and this great partnership has helped in the impressive rates of economic growth.

The dividends of this growth have allowed us to formulate well-thought-out policies to deliver for New Zealanders.

Resources to boost infrastructure

Over the next four years, National has committed to invest $32.5 billion on infrastructure, $7 billion to improve public services and $6.5 billion to lift the earnings of low and middle-income families. Our prudent fiscal management will also help in reducing public debt as a share of GDP to ensure that we are well prepared for any unforeseen developments, natural disasters and other events over which we have no control.

Business confidence holds the key to economic growth and social development. It is only when such confidence is high that the mood to invest remains bullish and investment is made on expansion and diversification, which is reflected in increased production, purchase of new plant and machinery, development of new markets and providing more jobs for people.

Increasing business confidence

New Zealand businesses have continuously demonstrated their increasing confidence in the economy because of the clarity of policies and programmes of the National-led government. They are confident that we work in their interests and in the interests of all New Zealanders. They are aware that it was the National government that helped the country to steer out of the Global Financial Crisis swiftly and without experiencing its adverse effects, manage earthquakes and implement efficient rebuild projects.

Against such a scenario of positive developments, the Labour Party has thrown a blanket of confusion over the heads of the public.

Regressive Labour Agenda

The following are major issues that people must consider while evaluating Labour’s policies announced in recent weeks.

What you do not do is knock businesses’ confidence with Labour’s agenda of (a) Vague new taxes on productive businesses like a capital gains tax and water taxes (b) Arbitrary restrictions on access to skilled workers so they cannot grow (c) Going backwards on trade deals like the TPP and (d) Unnecessary central wage bargaining proposals that send New Zealand back to the 70s.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Labour has a growing list of backward policies that will slow down our economy and hit households. We are referring to Capital Gains Tax, Land Tax and Wealth Tax.

Despite the lapse of nine years, Labour has not released details of their tax policy.

Now, they want to appoint a working group to decide as to how these taxes can be imposed.

There is no clarity on their proposed Regional Fuel Tax in Auckland.

Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga will be among the cities that will be hit next.

And they will axe National’s changes to two-tax thresholds that will put an extra $1000 a year into the pockets of the average wage earner.

New Zealand is a nation of small and medium-sized businesses.

We have come a long way over the past nine years. New Zealand today has a progressive economy with businesses confident of investing in the future of the country.

You vote for National will keeps on that path of progress.

Otherwise, we stand the risk of becoming a backward economy, reverting to the long-gone Millennium.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi has been Member of Parliament on National List since November 2008. He represents his Party in Manukau East.



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