When Santa decides to call it a day

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Carol D’Souza brings a twist to the ‘old tail’ –When Santa decides-Carol D'Souza

Poor, poor Santa Claus. You know, it is not easy doing what he does.

Some people may grumble saying that he only works one day in a year; so, how hard can that be? In his defence, that one day in the year is the busiest and stressful for him.

Talking about being harsh, he has 100 dislikes on his Facebook page.

But he is sweet, kind and lovable.

One day, Mr Claus decided to talk to his wife about his job.

“You know I am not as young as I used to be. It is therefore even harder to deliver all those presents every year. What do you think I should do?”

Goodies couriers

Mrs Claus replied, “I think you should recruit some gift deliverers.”

“Actually that is not a bad idea. I will call our community newspaper and see if they can help me with advertisements for gift deliverers.”

Before long, thousands of copies of the newspaper carrying the advertisement were delivered in mailboxes. Mr Claus sat down on his big furry soft chair looking pleased with himself and his hard work.

Two weeks later, Mr Claus finished reading through the truckload of entries that had come.

“Well, you look as happy as a star!” Mrs Claus said.

But Mr Claus was too busy deciding who to choose for his job to listen to his wife.

“Dear, what do you think about this applicant? Is he not the most suitable person for the job?” Mr Claus asked.

“Indeed, I have never seen someone so interesting” Mrs Claus remarked.

But Mr Claus selected a number of applicants and sent them letters to appear for interview at the North Pole, stating that air tickets and accommodation will be provided by courtesy of ‘Claus Air’ and ‘Clausylvania.’

Interview process

The selected candidates arrived, perked up and ready for their tiring day.

Mr Claus crawled out of bed and got ready to get stuck into the big day.

He first taught them how to read out the orders for presents and which presents should go to which house.

You may not believe, the letter was in Morse code because, apparently it was easy to read for Mr Claus. He was the Captain of a ship before he took on the role of Santa Claus.

He then taught them how to fly his sleigh. He also taught them how to take care and ride his fascinating Reindeer.

Christmas Eve arrived and Mr Claus was about to give up his present delivering job to a group of children. He solemnly bid them farewell as the majestic sleigh took off into the starry night.

He shuffled along into his brightly painted factory wondering what the future will hold for him.

Now that you know the story of how Santa Claus retired, you can tell your friends that it is not Santa in the sleigh but five young teenagers who are delivering the gifts!

Thirteen-year-old Carol D’Souza is Year 9 student at Avondale College in Auckland. She enjoys music, drama, singing and loves to write stories.

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