Women in Banking Westpac

Women in Banking Westpac

Deepa Dias

Bank Manager Takanini

Deepa immigrated to Auckland in 1999 with her young family, starting at Westpac 15 years ago. She has Business Studies qualifications from Massey University and is currently studying towards a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Financial Planning) as part of her ongoing professional development.

Her strength lies in her communication and ability to connect with her customers on a personal level, delivering great outcomes and helping them achieve their financial goals.

Her genuine interest and customer-centric approach helps her understand her customers’ expressed and unexpressed needs, building lasting banking relationships.

Serving Communities

Deepa is a trained “Managing Your Money” workshop facilitator involved in projects to improve financial literacy and capability within our communities. This reflects her passion for helping customers and collaborating with business partners to deliver the best outcomes for them.

Values Deepa lives by: Respecting and celebrating diversity as it gives us a chance to learn and grow from different ethnic backgrounds and experiences making our society richer and more vibrant. Having an open and honest approach and acting with authenticity and genuine care.

Advice to other women about managing career:  (a) Be open to learning and acquiring new skills. Our world is evolving at a fast pace and keeping up with change is essential (b)  Create advocates within your business and your personal circles, as these networks help you to build and further your personal brand.

Fathima Rahman

Fathima manages Westpac Papatoetoe, where she is recognised as a versatile and well-rounded leader with a range of clients catering to their business and banking needs.

Born in India with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Madras, She moved to NZ in 2002 joining Westpac in 2004.

Fathima is skilled and fluent in communication, organisation and customer care. She speaks seven Indian languages and is recognised by customers and colleagues for her dedication to execution and service.

Fathima has constantly been a top achiever, receiving the Westpac Annual Legend Award three years in a row. Supported by her family and friends, she considers them her source of strength.

Helping people

Involved in business groups such as Rotary, she also plays a major role in the annual Diwali Function and has helped many customers secure their first home by giving genuine advice and working alongside them.

Values Fathima lives by: Grateful for her family and friends, she values being a mother and role model, and is thankful for all opportunities that arise in life. She strongly believes that doing good for people brings blessings back around, and in leading a genuine and honest life.

Advice to other women: “My sincere advice to all young women would be to study and strive for your dreams and aspirations, as every woman has a right to be a leader within their career.”

Poonam Kumar

Poonam is a Commercial Manager based in Manukau, supporting a range of clients in differing industries across South Auckland. Raised in Fiji and educated in Australia, Poonam immigrated to NZ in 2004, becoming a dynamic results-oriented banking expert. Joining Westpac in 2010, her dedication to customers is best recognised in the numerous messages of thanks she gets from them, but also by   twice receiving the prestigious Westpac Annual Legend Award, most recently in 2018.

Married for 14 years with two teenage sons, Poonam attributes her success to them, as well as the great support offered by other family and friends.

Helping People

Having a genuine desire to help others, Poonam has close relationships with many organisations within the Indian business and religious communities, and actively participates in community and school events.

Values Poonam lives by: “I love to achieve goals and strive to learn at every opportunity. I am thankful to God for the life, family, friends and opportunities I have been given. I will continue to share my wealth and knowledge with the wider community and help nurture and support people towards their goals.”

Advice to other women: “The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could” – Anonymous

“A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else”

– Anonymous

Rajni Prasad

Rajni is a Commercial Manager based on the North Shore, managing high profile small business clients. She works alongside the Area Manager, Banking Specialists and Commercial Analysts with a target market of businesses turning over $2 million annually.

Rajni came to New Zealand 30 years ago as a student. She is now a Chartered Accountant, holding a Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Studies degree with 25 years’ experience in the finance industry, having worked in the Corporate, Commercial and Institutional division of the Banking sector for 21 years.

She has experience in all aspects of commercial and personal finance, priding herself on client relationship management and her ability to negotiate, structure and provide value-added service to clients.

Serving Communities

Rajni is a Business Mentor, encouraging businesses to develop specific skills and knowledge to grow their business potential and improve their trading.

Values Rajni lives by: Live life to the fullest and be remembered by family and friends as a person who loves and cares deeply, and is always there for them. For colleagues she is a reliable, thoughtful and helpful team member.

Advice to other women about managing career: Build a network of internal and external advocates. Impress your manager, as their support is invaluable if you wish to progress internally. Offer to mentor others, as it is all about developing your personal brand.


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