Young dancers promote Bollywood extravaganza

Rahul Parbhoo – 

Indiance, who are we?

First and foremost we love Bollywood!

We are a youth run initiative that brings Bollywood to the stage with local artistes for New Zealand audience.

We started 11 years ago with a vision to ensure that our children and youth are given opportunities to express their creativity in a vibrant, challenging and fun environment.

We believe that we have been achieving our objectives through teamwork, partnership with local businesses, greater vision, hard work and passion.

Indiance has been entertaining, teaching and inspiring for the last 11 years and our forthcoming new show aims to fulfil the same attributes.

Think big, achieve

Indiance believes that if you are given the opportunities, you have to grab them and live your dream. If you want to dance and act in front of more than 1000 people, you can do so.

If you want to teach dance and be part of a great team, you can do that too.

Do not ever think small but dream bigger and better.

Why not put on a full scale Bollywood show, why not have a great storyline and bring smiles to people’s faces?

Why not provide an escape for people to enjoy themselves?

Impressive growth

For Web Edition-Young dancers promote Bollywood extravaganza- The Arranged DivorceIndiance started with four teachers and a handful of students, but has a cast and crew of more than 100 people, and all of them are passionate volunteers.

Through teamwork and pure love of what they do, Indiance is able to put on these fantastic shows. It is all driven through love and passion, to serve the vision that Indiance has.

That vision looks to inspire and challenge the children, not just in dance but also in life.

It is a not-for-profit Organisation that puts everything it has into children and bring a world- class production to life, making the youngsters a part of the experience.

To support this vision and this amazing organisation, all you have to do is enjoy a night out.

Grab your tickets and watch a great show.

You will not be disappointed.

For more information, please visit

Rahul Parbhoo is a member of the Indiance Committee based in Auckland.

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