Young School Teacher gets two dreams come true

Venkat Raman

Auckland, October 23, 2017

When Jasdeep Kaur Basra was crowned Miss Australasia 2017 in Melbourne recently, it was two dreams come true in the young teacher’s career in showbusiness.

While winning the contest was the prime motivation for her entry into the Trans-Tasman Challenge, getting the Crown from Sushmita Sen, a popular Hindi film actress and winner of Miss Universe Title in 1996 was a dream which appeared almost impossible.

The event, held on September 15, 2017, also brought her another Title – Miss Iconic.

The Australasian Pageant brought together 35 contestants, of which three represented New Zealand.

Grooming Platform

Called, ‘MMG 2017, the Pageant provides a platform for young people to showcase their talent in modelling and media industry.

“We all need that one start in our life to aim our goals and a have a successful career. MMG is all about beauty, fashion, glamour, confidence, style and much more. The chief objective of this Pageant is to give opportunities to the local talent of multicultural Australia so that our youth gain the experience and go for further opportunities in the future. We giver professional training to our contestants including Ramp Walk, Styling, Choreography, Casting and Personal Development,” the organisers said.

Contestants are grouped into three categories namely, Miss, Mr and Mrs and participate in Introduction, Talent, Q&A rounds, wearing a different attire for each of these.

Jasdeep performed a Punjabi Dance which reportedly earned widespread applause.

“I never knew that I would come this far in life. I hope that I made everyone proud. Australia and New Zealand are both my homes because I am surrounded by such beautiful people,” Jasdeep said.

Miss Indianz 2016 Runner-Up

Reviewing Miss Indianz 2016, we had reported in our October 1, 2016 issue that Jasdeep won the First Runner-Up titled.

We had said that she believes in getting to her roots, culture and traditions.

Born and raised in New Zealand, she has had the advantage of being ‘twin-cultured’ and long cherished the hope that Miss Indianz would accord her an opportunity to explore new avenues. Her prayers were answered on September 17, 2016.

Jasdeep teaches the Punjabi dance to children at the Punjabi Virsa Arts and Dance Academy of New Zealand for the past four years. She is an Ambassador for the Global Sikh Women, an organisation based in London and a volunteer at the Young Sikh Processional Networking.

“I enjoy it as I feel I get to reconnect with my Punjabi roots and love the fact that I have an opportunity to share my knowledge to my students. I was looking forward to Miss Indianz as it provided another platform to experience Indian culture and grow as a person,” she said.


Photo Caption:

  1. Sushmita Sen holds the Crown as Jasdeep Kau receives her Prize Money
  2. Jasdeep Kaur with Sushmita Sen
  3. Jasdeep Kaur at the Q&A Round
  4. Jasdeep Kaur poses after winning the Title

(Pictures Supplied)

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