Community pours heart and money to grieving family

More than $28,000 raised including reimbursements to Pavin Pramoth

Venkat Raman

Members of the Indian community once again proved that they are people of compassion and responsibility by contributing $28,029 to the family of a young man who was killed in a road accident in South Taranaki last month.

This amount includes direct payments made by ACC and the Indian High Commission to the undertakers for transporting the body to India.

The employers of the deceased man also donated $11,600 to the grieving family in addition to making a ‘final settlement’ into the dead man’s account including holiday pay and other entitlements.

Tragic end

Twenty-five-year-old Pavin Pramoth died in a traffic accident around 415 pm on Saturday, September 24, 2016 as his car crashed into an electricity pole on Ketemarae Road, Hawera in South Taranaki.

Pavin was the sole occupant of the car at the time of the deadly accident.

The Police notified two of his close friends, including Jegan Ramar, who contacted us for help and assistance.

He was the only son to M Prakash and P Dhanam, a farming family in Theni, a small town of about 5000 people near Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Pavin has a sister for whose marriage he had started saving money.

“We understand that Pavin has a student loan in India and his family is of very modest economic means. He arrived in 2012 to study, completing which he was employed initially in Hamilton and for the past eight months in Auckland. I have known this young man, who was a responsible son and brother. It is a pity that death has taken away a fine person,” Ilango Krishnamoorthy, a prominent community leader and President of the Hindu Temple Society of New Zealand which owns and manages Thiru Subramaniyar Aalayam at 69 Tidal Road, Mangere, South Auckland said.

Our Samaritans

The services rendered by Mr Ramar, Mr Krishnamoorthy and Sandeep Agarwal, one of the directors of the company that had employed Pavin, were outstanding.

Indian Newslink was an early point of contact soon after the death of Pavin was announced and we contacted Sandeep Sood, Head of Chancery at the Indian High Commission in Wellington, who promised all assistance in completing the formalities relating to the repatriation of the body of Pavin to India.

It was a Sunday but that made no difference.

Shortly thereafter, Mr Sood and High Commissioner Sanjiv Kohli contacted us to say that they would also provide financial support and meet the entire cost of transportation of the body of Pavin, specified at $11,129.00.

ACC offered $6000 and paid directly into the account of Vospers Funeral Services in New Plymouth and the High Commission remitted $5129.00.

Following the completion of all formalities, the coffin carrying the body of Pavin was sent by an Emirates flight from Auckland on September 28, 2016.

Mr Agarwal and his partner Akbar Sheikh visited New Plymouth to see the body of their employee, while Mr Ramar was at the forefront of all tasks.

The death of a person who has no relatives always causes anxiety and concern but in the case of Pavin, the Tamil community led by Mr Krishnamoorthy, Auckland Tamil Association President Vai Ravindran, Muthamil Sangam General Secretary Sheba Soundararajan, Indian Newslink Community Fund Chairman Wenceslaus Anthony and the company of Mr Agarwal showed that they were people who care.

They were among the first to contribute money into the Indian Newslink Community Fund, as agreed by these leaders, all remittances received until midnight of October 5, 2016 – a sum of $5300 were transferred into the account specified by Mr Prakash.

V Giridharan, Managing Director, Relianz Foreign Exchange, who himself contributed to the Fund, arranged for the transfer of the amount, waiving all fees and service charges.

Mr Agarwal arranged to transfer $11,600, a joint contribution from his company and a group of employees, directly to the account of Mr Prakash.

Thus, the total benefit accruing to the family of Pavin following his tragic death was $28,029, of which $11129 was paid to Vospers Funeral Services.

The family of Pavin received a direct cash benefit of $16,900.

The death of the young man demonstrated not only the fragility of human life but also that of human compassion. It is on sad occasions like this, the usefulness of regional organisations such as Muthamil Sangam and Auckland Tamil Association is realised.

The New Zealand Indian Central Association President Bhikhu Bana and General Secretary Prakash Biradar sent their condolences to the bereaved family.

They also appealed to their branches to donate to the fund but no one responded.

Names of Donors of Indian Newslink Community Fund

(From September 26 to October 5, 2016):

Note: These names were taken from the Indian Newslink Community Fund Account. If you do not find your name, please send us particulars. Email:

Abhi Erode; A Dhamodaran; Arun; A Saraswathi; Bala; Balaji; B Ramamoorthy; Balasaraswath; Balasubramani; Ba Narasimhan; Chandrababu; Chatrati S C; Chowdavarapu; Dakshina Suda; Dinakaran Gopi; D P Bagraniya; Fathima G; Focus Marketing; Ganesh Viswanathan; G Giridharan; Gurumoorthy Paulraj; Hafiz Vegdani; Hariram Prasad; Ilango Krishnamurthy; Jagan Kharaneesh; Jeet Suchdev; Kaliappan Pandian; Kiran Arul; K Muthaiah; Liyakathali & H; Malliah Arune; M Kandavel; M Kumar; Meru Sri Limited; Mrs S Manoharan; Naidu S D; Nandu; Palaniswamy B; Parti & Associates; Pavin Sudharsan; P Madanagopal; Ponappa Madappa; Praveen Rave; Rajaji; Ravi Vachakam; Ramasi S & K; Ranjna Patel from Shree Swaminarayan Temple; Ratna Venkat; Ravi Bedadala; Roshni Shetty; R Ramachandar; Ramakrishnan Ba; Ramselvan; Ranganathan; Ravi Muthumanickam; R R M Varghese Regi; R Velu; Regi01 Charity; Roy P M; RRK Suresh; Sai C Praveen; S Arunkumar; S K Chandras; S N Senthil Corattur; S Sachidanandam; S Thiruppathi; Shanmughasundar; S Natarajan; Srikaran; S R Palanisamy Sowndar; Srinivasan; Subramani Ayyanar; Subramaniyan; Sun Arunagiri; Thangavelu; Two Little Angels Limited; Vai Ravindran; V Ravindran; V Rathore; Veera C; Vikuna Fashions Limited; Wenceslaus Anthony

Donations can be made to the Indian Newslink Community Fund Account 03-0207-0009395-002.

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