Teenager takes to Cricket, Soccer, Badminton and Priesthood

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Zariab Karkaria is known as a ‘Tweenager on the Run.’

His style of playing Soccer and Cricket are becoming legendary.

Known as the ‘Millennium Child,’ Zariab comes from a Zoroastrian (Parsi) family in Ahmedabad, India, which migrated to New Zealand in 2002.

Early start

Starting his physical exercises with swimming when he was just five years old, his progress in various games of fitness grew. By the time he was seven years of age, his parents encouraged him to learn Martial Arts and a year later, he commenced playing Cricket and Soccer.

He is today ‘A strong, young man of promise’ and plays for the Howick-Pakuranga Cricket Club.

His passion for Cricket began to burn in 2011 when he was first selected to play in the Premier Grade for his club.

Impressive debut

He secured a hat trick in the first game of the season and since then he has had no occasion to look back.

Zariab is a very disciplined young man and has earned the respect of his coaches, fellow players, in fact, everyone who meet him. He always puts his team first and respects the decision of his coaches and umpires.

While he loves every part of Cricket, his core strength is bowling. He is a right arm fast bowler and often commences an innings. He was lucky to be coached by former Black Cap Dipak Patel. His strengths are in-swinging Yorkers on the middle and leg stump and swinging the ball both ways.

He has had five wicket hauls in his career.

Representing Counties

young-achiever-teenager-takes-to-cricket-zarib-karkaria-2His first major break came in 2013 when he was selected to represent Manukau County in the Annual District Tournament and since then, he is a regular member of this team. He got his first major breakthrough last year, when his Club asked him to play in the open Mens Grade and he is now featured in the Mens 3rd Team Reserve for the Club.

He aims to get into the Club Premier team at the earliest.

Discipline and Behaviour

Affable manners, respect for elders, consideration for fellow-players and most important of all, humility are among the factors that endear him to Cricket teams and coaches. He is known as ‘A Fighter until the last ball is bowled,’ and is currently practicing to become a good batsman as well.

Zariab has received several awards from his Club over the years.

Awards and Honours

He was recently honoured with Awards for his contributions to the Cricket Club and for Cricket as a game.

His interest in Badminton has made him represent his College in the South Eastern Zonal Championship where his team secured the third place.

He also represents his College in Football and he plays for the Second 11 Team.

Aside from Sports, he achieves well in his academic performance.

Apart from being a player, fitness expert and good his studies, Zariab is proficient in conducting religious ceremonies. He was initiated into Priesthood in 2013.

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Zaria Karkaria: Multiple Awards for multiple sports

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