Academic narrates World War story

A Massey University information technology academic has published his first novel set in New Zealand after World War I.

The book is based on his family.

Academic narrates- Dr David ParsonsDr David Parsons of Britain is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (SEAT) at the Auckland Campus of Massey University.

His IT background helped him in researching and publishing the book.

Memories of War

Set in Otago, the novel, titled, ‘Kinross Flat,’ follows the experiences of the protagonist, Marty Pawson, who uncovers family secrets and a tragic and unknown past.

Academic narrates- Book Cover“The book is based loosely on the story of my great aunt, who married a New Zealand soldier in England in 1919 and came back with him to Otago,” he said.

Two years ago, while on a visit to Christchurch and Otago, Dr Parsons decided to record his experince and while doing so, he struck on the idea of turning his records into a novel.

“I learned a great deal while writing the book, and it was also very enjoyable. Once I started researching New Zealand history I got totally absorbed in the process. There is so much material online, from army records to death registries, passenger listings on troop ships and family histories on the web, not to mention the huge resources at Archives New Zealand and the Wellington Central Library,” Dr Parsons said.

Pen Name

‘Kinross Flat’ has been published under the pen name ‘David Roy,’ and Dr Parsons has set up an info page on the book’s background.

Plesae visit

He will be selling copies of the book at the New Zealand Independent Book Festival at the North Shore Events Centre in October 2015.

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