Africa in wilderness stuns Malaysian photographer

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A rare collection of photographs capturing the wild life in Africa with breathtaking landscape of unexplored terrains and forests is on display at the Gallery at the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple in the East Auckland suburb of Flatbush.

Inaugurated on January 1, 2017 in the presence of a number of dignitaries, lovers of photography and visitors to the Temple (located at 16 Stancombe Road), the photographs highlight the professional calibre of Malaysia-born Kim Teoh.

The exhibition will be open from 10 am to 4 pm until February 26, 2017.

Thirst for perfection

The pictures, some of them exhibiting his thirst for perfection with willingness for ‘indefinite wait,’ speak of a Continent that is often expressed in exaggeration.

Teoh said that he was desolated as he entered the Southern region of Africa.

“The forlorn land was a tinge of yellow, the grassland and the tree stumps swayed in unison to one direction that was the evidence of the wind trodden path. On this photographic journey, besides the amazing animals and gorgeous landscapes, it was the artwork of the wind that held me in awe. Hence, with my camera in hand I allowed my mind to lead me into the imageries created by the wind,” he said.

Energy to capture

The photographs also depict Nature in its bounty and poverty with the Fall emptying tree branches and surface waters throwing up dry sand and dune – the latter giving Teoh his energy to spring into action.

“In wildlife photography, we see only portraits of animals. If this is our purpose of coming here, then there will be a lack of distinctiveness. Having to make the best use of the umpteen days we had, without a special focus or distinction, I think neither would I be here in this land of wild games nor would I give a thought to an exhibition of it.

Hence, chasing after the imageries of the wind was my prime objective in this land. Initially, I was looking forward to wildlife shots and began to develop my own ideas in sensing the wind,” he said.

Art Gallery Challenge

Earlier, Abbess Manshin, Curator of Fo Guang Art Gallery New Zealand said that the exhibition was put together in less than two days- a challenge that she and her volunteers undertook to showcase rare talent.

Teoh, who was present at the inaugural session, is currently producing several magazines, including ‘Photo Creator,’ ‘Travelmate,’ ‘Advanced Images,’ ‘Travelution’ and Fotografika.’

Master Lensman

He is the Principal of PCP Art of Photography Training Centre and Founder of Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival.

His major solo exhibitions include ‘Heaven on Earth,’ ‘Evocative in Mind’ at Oriental Art & Cultural Association, Dong Zen Temple, Art Expo Malaysia and around Malaysia.

His photography titles include ‘Mt Kinabalu,’ ‘In the Game,’ ‘Himalayas,’ ‘Lazy Mediterranean,’ ‘Landscapes of the American West,’ ‘Defying the Mystics’ and travel guidebooks ‘Fascinating Self Drive Holidays,’ and ‘Tastes of Malaysia.’

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