Aggarwals symbolise humility and prosperity

When the illustrious members of the Aggarwal Association of New Zealand (AANZ) get together for their annual function on September 21, they would celebrate their spirit of unity, enterprise and everything else that comes with good life.

The function will be held at the Blockhouse Bay Community Centre located at 524 Blockhouse Bay Road, the programme will begin at 530 pm.

The Aggarwals will mark their annual assembly with piety; religious following comes naturally to the community, most of who are well known businesspersons in every country of their presence.

New Zealand is no exception.

Association formed

Vipan Garg, an Auckland based entrepreneur with widespread business interests, identified the need for promoting the goodness of the Aggarwal community established the Association about eight years ago.

As well as celebrating their fraternal bond, members of the Association celebrate a number of Hindu observances including Holi, the Festival of Colours, Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti, the Festival of Enlightenment and Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Association Secretary Sunil Aggarwal said that the ‘Jayanti’ would also evince the interest of the younger members of the society as they recognise and respect the good deeds of the ‘Maharaja,’ who is a source of inspiration and strength.

Tree plantation

“Apart from following our traditions and rituals, the AANZ actively promotes the environment, an example of which was the planting of trees at Oakley Creek Walkway at Harbutt Reserve in Mt Albert on July 6, 2014. This activity enabled us to understand the importance of conservation and the need to save the Oakley Creek from water erosion. This was a follow-up of a similar exercise that we undertook last year at the Waiatarua Reserves in Remuera with the support of Auckland Council,” he said.

AANZ has an active Women’s Wing led by Sudesh Mittal.

Among its recent activities are Eat Healthy Classes, Cooking Lessons, Organic Gardening, Tree Plantation and Havan.

“As a part of our community welfare projects, the Association donated Christmas gifts to the Auckland City Mission and volunteered to serve at the Mission’s Distribution Centre in Central Auckland. We are planning a pilot project to offer help and support to new migrants, breaking language and other barriers,” Mr Aggarwal said.

Further information about AANZ can be obtained from Sunil Aggarwal on 021-554608.

About the Aggarwal Community

Agrawal (Agarwal, Agrawala, Agarwala, Aggarwal) is a community found throughout northern India, including in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh. Other related communities include Maheshwaris, Khandelwals, and Oswals.

Most Aggarwals follow Hinduism, although some are Jains. The texts and legends of the Aggarwal community trace the origin of Aggarwals to the legendary King Agrasen of the Solar Dynasty who adopted ‘Vanika Dharma.’ Literally Aggarwals means ‘Children of Agrasen’ or the ‘People of Agroha,’ a City reportedly founded by Agrasen in the ancient ‘Kuru Panchala’ near Hisar in Haryana region.

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