An ode to laugh, think and sing with celebrity

Venkat Raman-

Good humour, thinking power and open-hearted friendship may not be the best attributes that are found in all politicians but there are some exceptions. The most remarkable among them is Kumar Vishwas of the ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ that rules Delhi following its massive victory in the State Assembly elections held earlier this year.

An ode to laugh, think, sing-PosterA member of the National Executive of the maverick Party, he belongs to a new class of people who crave for politics with a difference- open, honest and service-oriented.

But politics is not the reason for his fame at home and overseas.

He is a bard, with the ability to make people laugh but more important, think.

Auckland engagement

Mr Vishwas will be the star at a programme being organised by ‘Aariya Entertainment’ at Langham Hotel on Saturday, September 5, 2015.

Organiser Dinesh Raniga told Indian Newslink that the visitor is known for ‘Laughter,’ ‘Melody,’ ‘Patriotism’ and ‘Poetry’ and that the Programme, commencing at 730 pm, will be remembered for a long time.

Quoting a website, Mr Raniga said that people who make history are those who not only give their life to their career but also give their career a new life.

“When the career is that of a poet, every step is a risk. Mr Vishwas is one such poet who has gifted himself an era of such a popularity which is beyond even the dream of other poets. It has been possible only because he possesses the courage, wit and perseverance required to tame one’s destiny,” he said.

Blind aim

According to him, the beginning of Mr Vishwas’ poetic career was nothing short of a blind aim. It took a great deal of pluckiness to drop the course of Engineering and pursue the passion of literature against the will of his family.

“It has been more than a decade of his professional life as a poet and his charm is only increasing with each passing second. He is a mesmeriser, charmer, spell-caster and worthy of many other accolades.

“He is a poet who went beyond the stereotypical norms of ‘Kavi Sammelan’ or poetic functions and made it a performer’s stage. He has mastered and excelled in all aspects in whatever he has done. He has constantly been the first choice for national and international stages. He did what he said and commands huge popularity today.

Formative years

The youngest child of Dr Chandra Pal and Rama Sharma, Mr Vishwas showed qualities of distinction even in his formative years.  Completing his post-graduation degree in Hindi literature, he obtained a doctorate (PhD) in the subject and taught higher class students for 16 years at Lajpat Rai Postgraduate College in Rajasthan.

He has participated in several poetic sessions in India and overseas, including America, Dubai, Singapore and Japan.

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