Another term for Rabindran at Auckland Transport

Venkat Raman

Rabin Rabindran, a prominent Barrister and an expert in a number of specialised areas, has been re-elected to the Board of Auckland Transport.

Auckland Council, which makes this appointment, said that Mr Rabindran will hold the office for a further period of three years. Prior to the merger of seven regional councils in to ‘Super City Auckland’ in 2010, he was the Chairman of Auckland Regional Transport Authority and has been involved in governance of transport in the country’s largest city for more than ten years.

“It has been tremendously satisfying to see the various projects embarked on by Auckland Transport come to fruition. I have a special interest in the City Rail Link (CRL) Project and look forward to serving with my fellow Directors to continue to achieve outcomes and reach new milestones,” Mr Rabindran said.

Global experience

In addition to his long association with transport in Auckland, he brings extensive international experience to the Board. He has worked on several international projects, among which was as Advisor to the Transport & Engineering Institute of Vietnam, a government agency responsible for transport projects in that country and as Advisor to an Asian Development Bank funded road project in India.

A commercial barrister specialising in major national and international project negotiation and documentation, his expertise extends to business, construction, energy and infrastructure development.

Other interests

Mr Rabindran is the Chairman of Bank of India New Zealand Limited and Director of Solid Energy New Zealand and a Member of the Public Hearings Panel to hear submissions on the proposed Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaws.

He has had extensive experience at the World Bank, several governments, state corporations, local authorities and other governmental and non-governmental agencies, all of which have benefited various organisations with which he is associated.

He has also worked on major national and international projects in the fields of energy, construction, infrastructure development and transport in New Zealand and in over 25 other countries.

He chaired the Rugby World Cup Regional Transport Forum, the 2012-2015 Regional Land Transport Programme Public Hearings Panel as well as the Election Signs Bylaw Public Hearings Panel.

He was also Director, MBf Carpenters Limited, an Australian public company, Manukau Water Limited, Tomorrow’s Manukau Properties Limited and TMPL (Flat Bush) Limited.

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