‘Asha’ plays its cards to curb gambling

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‘Asha,’ meaning ‘hope’ in Hindi, is the name of a new facility launched by Asian Family Services for South Asians living in New Zealand.

The service has been established in response to an increasing number of South Asians presenting for help with gambling problems.

The focus of the Asha programme is to help South Asians living in New Zealand who are impacted by harmful gambling – either their own gambling or that of someone they know, such as a family member or friend.

The Asha programme will focus on raising awareness of harmful gambling in the South Asian community through public health initiatives that address the stigma attached to gambling problems and can prevent someone from reaching out and seeking help.

Asha also offers free and confidential counselling and support and is available for anyone impacted by harmful gambling. Our counsellor speaks Hindi and will provide support that is culturally appropriate for the South Asian population.

Contact Asha 0800 862 342

Email help@asianfamilyservices.nz


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