Aucklander begins his winning streak in Europe

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A younger member of the Indian community from Auckland is beginning to gain applaud from soccer enthusiasts and attention from selectors with his splendid performance on the field and dignified behaviour with officials, coaches, peers and fans.

Fifteen-year-old Arzan Todywalla scored a hat-trick on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 enabling his Junior MS Select New Zealand win 3-1 against Columbia’s Alset Ballymoney Riada Stadium in County North Antrim, North Ireland.

Arzan was declared ‘Star Player’ and awarded ‘Player of the Day’ title in recognition of the three amazing goals that he scored, gaining victory for the New Zealand team.

The Super Cup NI (formerly The Milk Cup) Tournament was held in Northern Ireland from July 24 to 29, 2016.

The following report appeared on the Super Cup NI website:

Ray Baxter

A striker cannot be restrained- Arzan Todywalla at Super Cup NI on July 26 WebThe global appeal of this competition was on show once again as Colombians Alset clashed with MS Select (MSS) from New Zealand, at Ballymoney Riada Stadium. 

Both teams had suffered defeat in their opening game, but with Alset having shipped 0 goals in their opening match, it was intriguing to see how they would recover.

Somewhat surprisingly, their start was as bright as their orange strip as they should have been 1-0 nil up within 20 seconds of the kick off. 

Alset in trouble

A great run down the right wing by Juan Sebastian Pena as he tore through the MSS defence, only to shoot straight at the keeper, however the ball rebounded to the feet of Zambrano who smashed the rebound off the cross bar. The pressure continued, and Pena was instrumental in everything Alset produced, as they had a number of good early chances.  The sound of the vuvuzelas, from the Colombian fans, penetrating the skies around Ballymoney.

MSS were obviously rattled by the strong start from their opponents, but they slowly gained a foothold in the game. As the first half reached at midway point, they had started to gain the upper hand in the possession stakes.  However, some poor timing of the runs from their strikers, resulted in a number of offside decisions going against them.

The attack mode

It was only a matter of time before MSS would create some good chances and they had three in quick succession, two of which fell to Arzan Todywalla who was proving to be a real threat to the Alset defence.  It was actually a Todywalla shot which indirectly led to the first goal for MSS, although the Alset reserve keeper will want to forget it.  Todywalla had shot wide, leading to a goal kick, but the keeper miskicked, only succeeding in giving the ball straight back to the MSS attack.

Arzan Todywalla on top of the NZ line-up at Super Cup NI 2016 WebThe second half start as the first ended, with MSS on top, alongside Todywalla you also had Oscar Browne up front who put in an absolutely fantastic shift throughout the match. He chased every ball and gave the Colombian defenders no time and space.  He had a couple of early chances in the second half but could not find the net.

Prior to his Europe tour, Arzan won the Golden Boot for scoring a staggering 17 goals in six games at the National Youth FUTSAL Championship 2016.


  1. A striker cannot be restrained- Arzan Todywalla at Super Cup NI on July 26
  2. Arzan goes aggressive at Super Cup NI on July 26
  3. Arzan Todywalla on top of the NZ line-up at Super Cup NI 2016

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