Awards boost morale of achievers

The Third Annual Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards will be held on April 9, 2014 at Alexandra Park in Central Auckland.

These Awards have been instituted to highlight the achievements of people of Indian origin in various sports in Aoetearoa, and encourage more youngsters to actively take part in sporting activities.

The latest census has identified people of Indian origin as one of the fastest growing population in New Zealand.

It is therefore natural that with increasing numbers, their influence and involvement in all walks of Kiwi life would also increase.

Nomination process

Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards appreciate the sporting prowess by awarding high achievers. Merit is the only criterion followed by the independent panel of judges in evaluating entries to various categories. The event this year will give out Awards in 16 categories.

Our readers are encouraged to participate in the nomination process. Entries are open till February 28. Any sportsperson you know, who has excelled and brought laurels to their clubs, regions and the country in their chosen disciples can be nominated.

These Awards will act as a further morale booster in the quest for success among participants, finalists and winners.

More public recognition can go a long way in attracting the attention of companies, who can help ease the financial burden on these talented sportspersons.

Indian Sports Awards list includes a wide variety of sports.

Almost all games played by the members of the Indian community, ranging from Rugby and Cricket to Soccer and Golf find a pride of place in the Awards Programme.

Good opportunity

This also gives people of Indian origin in New Zealand an opportunity to showcase their triumphs in sports, especially in some categories that are not associated (erroneously of course) with the community. Rugby and Golf are good examples; these are usually not perceived to be attractive to Indians.

However, growing exposure to these sports and the country’s achieving success in world class matches has created a newer audience. A growing number of Indians in New Zealand play these games.

The fact that the New Zealand women’s Kabaddi team made it to the finals of the Kabaddi World Cup in India last year proves that love of sport cannot be condensed by national boundaries.

Sports administrators

Sports administrators play a pivotal role in organising events and helping teams and individuals through their sporting careers. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, often in a less than ideal environment in trying to ensure that things run smoothly.

Athletes get a platform to showcase their abilities.

At the Indian Sports Awards we tip our hat to these selfless people and recognise this essential clog in any sporting wheel.

The efforts are on in full force to make this a memorable evening.

The ball is in your court (pun intended); please evince interest and nominate outstanding sportspersons -for the Awards they deserve.

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