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Friends of Azhar Adam will have a cause to celebrate next year when the young man flies to Los Angeles to act in a movie for the Disney Television Channel.

A man of many talents, Azhar is primarily a dancer but since graduating from ‘South Seas Film School,’ he has worked as an Assistant Director for ‘Unlimited Tamasha,’ a New Zealand- Fiji production released earlier this year.

Following his audition for Disney Channel, he is due to work in United States of America. He is currently working at Spookers, an Auckland based company that specialises in scaring people who visit them.

Azhar demonstrated his talent a few years ago by winning the ‘Star of NZ,’ a Dance Reality Show which attracted dancers from various parts of New Zealand.

He represented New Zealand in Australia at ‘Dance India Dance’ where he was the First Runner Up.

Several attributes

hollywood-beckons-azhar-adam-as-the-announcer-webFiji Born Azhar is a Dancer, Actor, Director, Choreographer, You Tuber and the youngest event organiser.

Participants and guests at the annual ‘Desi Intermediate Dance Off Competition’ would know that the impressive event, which gets bigger and more popular year after year is the brainchild of Azhar.

Since establishing the event in 2010 when he was 19 years old, Azhar gets support from schools, teachers, students, friends and most importantly his father Ali, who is keen that the competition achieves its goal of exploring and exposing young talents in Auckland schools.

Ali, who contacts us every year, was justifiably proud of his son.

Transforming lives

“Since Azhar started the competition six years ago, he has transformed the lives and aspirations of many children, many of who have taken up dancing as their profession. Some children acquired passion for dancing after participating in the contest. We hope to continue this event every year,” he said.

There is already excitement among youngsters following his announcement about the return of the ‘Desi Dancing Queen’ and ‘Crew Challenge.’

“We hope to stage this in March 2017 with a Hindi film celebrity as the main attraction,” he said.

Ali said that dancing has always been Azhar’s passion and that he has developed his own dance style called, ‘Rawness.’

“He was in Fiji last year working with VOU, a contemporary Pacific Dance Company and teaching dancing to young people. I am proud of my son,” Ali said.

Azhar said that focus and determination are two factors that motivate him.

“We all face obstacles in life, but staying determined and focused on your craft trumps them all and makes the road blocks in life so much easier to get over,” he said.

-With reporting by Viraf Todywalla


  1. Azhar with the students of Westlake School, winners of the 2014 Dance Competition
  2. Azhar the Master of Ceremonies


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