Branded products foster customer confidence

One of the most significant aspects of a supermarket is the extensive range of ‘branded’ products that are available for shoppers’ choice.

While ‘basic’ products are said to cost less, many customers prefer to pay a little more for goods that carry a name; a brand that is known for its guaranteed quality and durability.

Moshims Discount House in Botany South boasts of a wide range of brands, each of which has been tried and tested for their quality, taste and variety.

Supermarket owner Arvin Shankar said that branded products inspire confidence among customers as most of them are well known in their home countries.

Guaranteed quality

“It is not uncommon for shoppers to ask for a particular brand of toothpaste, soap or a food product and wait for them to be available when stocks exhaust. We therefore endeavour to maintain ample quantities of all brands that are in demand. Sometimes, even our suppliers and importers run out of stock but customers prefer to wait,” he said.

New Zealand shoppers know that branded products are safe, carry information about their quality, origin, dates of manufacture and validity and the value.

Without brands to guide buying decisions, the free market would become a confusing, faceless crowd of consumables. An established and respected brand can be the most valuable asset for companies.

According to experts, a brand signifies a name, symbol or other features and distinguishes a seller’s goods or services in the marketplace.

More than 500,000 brands are registered globally with pertinent regulatory bodies in different countries.

As Mr Shankar said, brands serve their owners by allowing them to cultivate customer recognition of, and loyalty toward, their offerings.

“Many of our suppliers ask for special display of their brands on occasions to improve visibility and attract customers. Our new Supermarket in Botany South has ample space to render such services,” he said.

And on that once-in-a-blue-moon occasion when an item of your preference is off the shelf, you will receive a smile, with an apology and guarantee that it would be available the following day or within a short time. Just how they manage is another story.

Customer satisfaction may be a challenge but Mr Shankar would constantly strive to achieve what is often elusive or impossible.

“Retailing is like any other service business. We must understand the needs of the customers and fulfil them, provided they are in our range. The market is tough but people must spend on milk, bread and other essentials. We help them to shop for all their domestic needs with low prices,” Mr Shankar said.

Except for those shopping for wine or beer, everything could be purchased at this Moshims Discount House store.

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