Business Excellence in Customer Service


Sponsor: Mercury Printz



  1. Legal Associates
  2. Loan Market Waitakere
  3. Forever Shine Beauty Therapy
  4. STAAH
  5. R Jay Financial Services
  6. Brisk Insurance



Loan Market Waitakere

Loan Market Waitakere’s vision is to enable clients to gain financial literacy so they can make informed financial decisions.

This approach walks the journey with clients by understanding and analysing their situation, then guiding them through customised advice to reach their financial goal.

All clients are contacted at least quarterly to review their financial position. Many are on short-term mortgages and need advice on reducing their debt.

The Judges acknowledged that Customer service is obviously a strength.


Photo Caption:

Mercury Printz Directors Sakthi and Ilango Krishnamoorthy with (from left) Sanjiv Kohli, Phil Goff and Rachna Dave of Loan Market Waitakere, Winner of the ‘Business Excellence in Customer Service Award.’

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