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Cabchooze is about allowing customers to choose their price.

A taxi application, Cabchooze is stated to be the first of its kind in the world. It is the only consumer savvy B2C taxi application, which gives the user the option to choose from multiple fares based on price, time and proximity.

The customers know before boarding the taxi how much they have to pay for the ride.


Content Forest

Content Forest makes cloud software for the publishing and content industry.

Its product ‘Content Branch’ helps content creators and publishers manage their entire content production workflow – from managing ideas, projects and people, to authoring, content collaboration and proofing – all in one easy to use platform.


Web Insights Limited

Founded by Johnny Chauhan, Web Insights is a Digital Design & Marketing Agency based in Parnell, Auckland. The Company specialises in providing online digital marketing solutions tailored to individual client needs with a range of services that include Website Design, Digital Media Design, Online marketing and much more.


Image Text Integrated Solutions


The Winner

Image Text Integrated Solutions

Judges’ comments

The judges were provided with evidence of clear technology strategies based on researched industry and regional trends, including mobility, cloud computing, increased size of data sets and analytics.

New services have been launched in alignment with the trends with strong utilisation of and investment in new technology to support customer service along with other structural changes to the business model.


New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters with Darius Mistry and KPMG Partner (Consulting) Chandan Ohri (right)

Master of Ceremonies Jackie Clarke speaking to Darius Mistry

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