Challenges foster will to succeed

Contrary to popular belief, an increasing number of women of Indian origin have demonstrated perseverance and ability to rise against odds and succeed in their profession. A majority of them choose a vocation based more on its inherent challenges than the income it accrues.

Hema Parekh, Managing Director of the Hamilton based Destination New Zealand Immigration Limited (DNZI) could have pursued the more profitable legal profession but decided to make her mark in immigration business for the challenges it posed to her talents. She has Bachelor Degrees in Law and Management Studies (Accounting) from the University of Waikato and gained admission at the New Zealand High Court as a Barrister & Solicitor.

She also practised as a Junior Council at a firm in Hamilton.

“As a Licensed Immigration Advisor, I feel extremely blessed to be able to assist clients and achieve a favourable outcome for them. I am happy that I chose the right career path,” she said.

DNZI began as a home office a few years ago and has steadily grown to employ a complement of seven staff. Each of them is a part of a team, committed to honest service, and each of them is familiar with the changes occurring to rules and regulations and market trends.

“We also have contingency plans in place to cope with such changes,” Hema said.

The Company offers an extensive range of services with a high success rate.

“Our objective is to provide honest, accurate and cost-effective services. Our team of professionals work hard to ease the migration process for clients in New Zealand and overseas,” she said.

Expansion has been gratifying and true to the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” DNZI is in the process of expansion and upgrade to provide better services to its clients.

Right Solutions

Challenges come in various forms and Hema faces them with determination to succeed. With a positive attitude and good teamwork, she endeavours to find the right solutions to problems.

“Immigration Consultancy is a highly stressful business and even though we try our best to make everyone happy, we know that it is not always possible. Our top priority is to ensure a safe environment for potential migrants, which poses a special challenge,” she said.

Hema said her Company’s service to clients does not stop with their successful migration to this country but continues to help them to cope with the trauma of relocation and the problems related to starting afresh in life.

“Many new migrants find it difficult to settle in New Zealand, find jobs, educate their children and bring stability to their families. We are here to help wherever we can and serve them,” she said.

Her goal is to progress DNZI to become the ‘Number One’ consultancy business in New Zealand.

“Truth, loyalty, competence and teamwork is highly critical in this industry. The Immigration Adviser Authority (IAA) has introduced changes to the system to lift the standards to ensure the safety and security of potential migrants.

“At DNZI, we are keen to ensure that these standards are practiced and promoted. While we subscribe to good operating principles with transparency and honesty at their core, our aim is to continuously achieve customer satisfaction,” she said.

Even as she works at all hours to achieve corporate objectives, Hema credits her Company’s success to her clients and staff.

She said everyone is concerned with life’s uncertainties, which is more so in the case of potential and new migrants.

“We have therefore chosen, ‘Your Future is our Mission’ as the motto for DNZI,” she said.

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