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Rajesh Kothhari

Signature, a handwritten unique and stylish way to illustrate a person’s name or even a simple mark that a person writes on documents as a proof of identity.

Its goal is to hard to copy.

The fact that legal documents are signed, is an essential measure in order to certify them.

Our signature represents us in all our transactions, and it is accepted by the law that it is our personal logo. It bears distinct impression of the person’s personality and mindset.

Impression of Personality

Your signature is like your own corporate logo. It is almost a “logo” for a company.

How upset would McDonalds, Sony and Mercedes Benz would be, if their corporate logo was misrepresented? Your signature, or sign of your nature, represents you to the world. Have you ever thought that does it represent you at your best?

Each time you trace your signature, you’re making a declaration to the world:“This is who I am. This is what I want to be.”

In the formative years, most children spend hours trying to get the right ‘symbol,’ which represents who they are.

Unfortunately, most people choose their signature with no knowledge of the underlying psychological meanings of each stroke.

Rethink your ‘logo’

Therefore, they accidentally send the wrong message to everyone’s unconscious mind; even those that have never been trained in handwriting analysis.

If you are one of those who is still using the same signature you designed for yourself when you were a teenager, it’s time to look into it again.

You need to know whether you are really doing it right or sending the wrong message.

It may have so happened that one fine day you picked up a pen and made a legal impression of yourself.Now the day has come for you to realise that you have many more responsibilities than you had that day, and your outlook towards life needs a different perception too.

People’s Perception

Signatures are much like the covers of books. They project how writers want others to see them. Usually, they are meant to attract attention.

What is actually inside the covers of the book, or what is inside the personality of the writer, may be quite different from what is outwardly projected.

A signature may stand for the writer’s true personality or it may be a façade revealing little of the writer’s genuine character; it may concealment negative attributes, or present something that in reality is not there.

Since the signature represents only one part of the person, possible errors can occur when it is being analysed without additional text for comparison.

If only a signature is being scrutinized, analysts should always inform the writer of the limitations of examining signatures without accompanying the text.

Show your best

To be successful, you must show the world the best you.

The signature represents what we feel about our identity and how we feel about what we have achieved so far until present.

An individual’s signature reveals his or her virtues, flaws, complexes, ambitions, feelings for inferiority or superiority, capacity for adaptation or tendencies to become lonely and much more. The content, Size, Slant, writing style and speed embellishment of signature have several meanings as like handwriting analysis, discussed in previous articles.

But only an expert handwriting analyst will be able to explain what your signature says and what you may need to change.

They will be able to tell you what personality traits are required as per your profession and if needed, they can even advise on what swirls, strokes and slants are needed for a more dynamic, current personality.

Remember, your signature is what the world sees of you to be, so you need to dress it up well. After reading the article, you will probably never look at your signature in the same way again.

Let us begin to enhance your life by making changes in your handwriting and signature.

Rajesh Kothari is a renowned handwriting analyst with Certification in Handwriting Analysis from the California-based Handwriting University International. A handwriting expert, Rajesh has served as a consultant and mentor to students, professionals and entrepreneurs throughout the world. He has helped many people in shaping their personalities and rise in their corporate careers with the help of comprehensive graphology services. He can be contacted on +91-9825074137; Email:;; Skype: rajeshkothari59; Facebook: handwriting skill; Website:


Image Credit: Pixabay

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