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Jitendra Bhojwani

Cryptocurrency started out as one of the experimental online currency several years ago. Since then, this innovative digital currency has had its shares of ups and downs throughout different phases of development.

It has still a long way to go before it can gain a wide level acceptability.

However, the Year-on-Year growth rate of Cryptocurrency is encouraging.

It has also resulted in the increasing number of specific apps for Cryptocurrency transactions/storage.

The following are some of the best Cryptocurrency Apps for 2018:

Bread wallet

Bread wallet mainly focuses on ease of use and offers a simple interface for easy transferring of bitcoins. As it is a standalone client, you do not need a server for conducting bitcoin transactions that guarantee better security along with agile transactions. Its neat interface makes the applications especially beneficial to the basic users with limited technical knowledge. You can download it easily from Google Play store.

Pros: Simple interface; Better security; Free availability

Cons: Lacks advanced features; Not available on desktop; Lacks extended features and web/desktop interface


Exodus deftly blends simplicity with better functionality by offering an intuitive interface along with powerful security measures and multiple useful features.

It provides more flexibility by allowing the users to store or transact different Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoins, Dogecoins, and Dash. With some easy steps, you can efficiently back up your wallets thus minimizing the risk of losing your funds.

The sophisticated shapeshift exchange can be called the USP of the exodus as it allows the users to exchange alcoins for bitcoins without switching to another wallet.

Pros: Intuitive beginner friendly; Multi-currency support; Free availability

Cons: Lacks mobile or web interface


If convenience is the topmost priority, then you would surely appreciate the Copay that comes with a number of inbuilt convenient features.

You can easily access Copay using mobile, desktop or online that makes the go transactions possible.

Besides, as the programme fully supports multiple signatures, it allows fund-sharing among businesses partners and friends.

The dynamic structure of Copay is equipped with intuitive interface as well as highly sophisticated features that are equally inviting for both the entry-level users as well as the advanced users requiring more control and better functionality features.

Pros: Better privacy; Multi-platform/device support; Multiple transactions; Beginner friendly

Cons: Limited user support, May slowdown while using advanced features


Ajax is specially designed to add agility to the financial Cryptocurrency transactions with the help of better connectivity, multi-currency support and uniform compatibility with multiple devices platforms.

It can be used on Linux, Chrome Firefox, OSX and iOS tablet/Mobile.

It can easily be connected via chrome/firebox extensions.

It utilises shapeshift for converting bitcoin, dao and ether tokens.

Ethereum paper wallet importing is other user-friendly features include.

It is constantly evolving to include more advanced feature for sophisticated catering to more demanding transaction needs of the users.

Pros: Supports multiple currencies; Seamless linking across diverse platforms; Advanced features; Extended functionally; Best user support; Better privacy; Security; Free availability

Cons: Not an open source; Could get slowed down any time


Armory facilitates big or intricate Cryptocurrency transactions with the best blend of uncompromised security and extended multi-grade flexibility.

On the security front, it offers cold storage, Strong wallet encryption (GPU), restrained and one-time printable backups.

You will also get the flexible options like multi-signature transactions, interface supporting multiple wallets, key importing and sweeping and other features supporting multiple phases of transactions.

Though it involves a little learning curve, within a reasonable time you would be fully able to use the Amory for realizing maximum benefits in terms of security and flexibility.

Pros: Good privacy features; Multi-signature; Powerful cold storage options; Free availability

Cons: Involves some learning curve; Suitable for tech-savvy users; Accessible exclusively via desktop client only

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