Commercial Centre creates new landmark

In a special feature to commemorate the opening of Sona Sansaar in our October 1, 2004 issue, we had said that it would be a source of inspiration and confidence to those in the market for quality gold jewellery.

Ten years on, the Showroom has grown to be one of the most reputed stockists and dealers of an increasing range of gold and studded jewellery and other items at Tulja Centre (190, Stoddard Road, Mt Roskill). The move to this newly constructed commercial complex on May 10, 2013 (from the previous location on Dominion Road) was hailed as strategic, catering to the convenience of customers.

Quality matters

Ten years ago we had quoted Sona Sansaar Managing Director Jyoti Lodhia as saying that the market always settled down for quality sooner or later, irrespective of competition and other socio-economic factors.

“The Indian community has an irrepressible and almost insatiable appetite for gold and gold jewellery and the taste and style constantly change,” she had said. The statement is still relevant today.

Harish Lodhia, who has equal interest in the enterprise undertakes frequent trips to gold and jewellery centres in India, Singapore and United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Turkey and Italy (to mention a few) to bring home the best of the world for customers.

The showroom, with its unique ambience, extensive range of gold jewellery, nine, 14, 18, 22 and 24 Carat gold in white, yellow and rose, oxidised gold, platinum, stainless steel, diamonds, precious and semi-precious and coloured stones, pearls, silver and other items, attracts hundreds of discerning customers from the greater Auckland region, North Island and other parts of the country.

As well as bangles, bracelets anklets, chains and necklaces, the well-appointed showroom has in stock exquisite designs in ear, nose and finger rings, pendants and a series of collector’s items.

The growing importance of Papatoetoe encouraged Mr Lodhia to establish a branch of at 172 Great South Road (Hunters Corner) in 2012.

Diverse activities

Tulja Centre has offices and showrooms of other businesses of the Lodhia family, including ‘Sakhi’ (saree and dresses showrooms), ‘Sini’ (a new fashion centre). Fortune Marketing, Magic Foods, Jyoti Communications (which owns the 1386 AM frequency), Tulja Properties and Guru Travel.

As well as issuing domestic and international air tickets for business and leisure travellers, Guru Travels arranges hotel and other accommodation, car rental, ground transfers and many other services.

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