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Love of Bollywood, film stars and musicians makes people become die-hard fans, with an irrepressible urge to emulate them.

Every day, thousands of people arrive in Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India in pursuit of a dream.

There are others who derive inspiration from Bollywood but promote film dance and music through their own academies and dance schools.

Among the latter are the Gounder couple Yogesh and Mumta, founders and directors of ‘Indi King,’ a dance school dedicated to ‘all things that are Bollywood.’

Indi King also specialises in quality programmes involving internationally renowned celebrities and performers.

Professional platform

young-achievers-dancing-couple-create-yogesh-and-mamta-gounder3-web“Indi King provides a professional platform for the talented youth of New Zealand. We are proud of our alumni who have become professional dancers, choreographers and performers in New Zealand, Australia and India. Students at our School must have passion, commitment and a sincere desire to give vent to their talent for the benefit of dance and art lovers around the world,” Yogesh said.

According to Mumta, the forthcoming ‘Indi King Evolution,’ scheduled to be held at Dorothy Winstone Centre will be a “dance competition showcasing our local youth on a stage set up with glamour and an event run with professionalism.”

“The event will feature dance performances of solos, duos, trios and groups, now with the flexibility of either gender participation,” she added.

International repertoire

Yogesh said that the forthcoming programme will be bigger and more glamorous.

“Indi King Evolution 2017 will include a 60-second freestyle round to explore creativity and raise the standard of the New Zealand Bollywood entertainment scene. The competition will feature two rounds critiqued by an international judging panel which has seen talent critiqued by MJ5, Natasha Baweja, Dplus and Lauren Gottlieb,” he said.

Caring Family

Their working life is filled up withincreasing responsibilities at their respective banks but they make plenty of time for their children Raul (8), Rian (5), and Rani (2).

The Fiji spirit is inherent in them as the two boys have already evinced interest in Soccer, a game that Yogesh plays and coaches.

Viraf Todywalla, who knows the couple well, said, “Known as ‘The G Family’ amongst in community circles, the five are family-orientated and enjoy overseas travel.  Having visited over eight countries with their little troupe, Yogesh and Mumta have plans to enjoy more quality time at unique places with the children.”

Yogesh and Mumta have been labelled the ‘Leading Couple of the NZ Bollywood Scene’ and are often requested to host and judge events both public and private.

-With reporting by Viraf Todywalla

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