Daylight saving end triggers tsunami alert test

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Auckland, March 25, 2017

Aucklanders are advised that there will be no cause for alarm at noon on Sunday, April 2, as the citys tsunami sirens are given their twice-yearly test.

The test coincides with the end of daylight saving.

The test sequence will be three sets of tones, each signaling a specific action.

They will sound for one minute each and there will be 15 seconds between each set. In an emergency, tones will sound for longer.

Testing sirens

It is important to regularly test the sirens to make sure they are working, Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management Committee Chairperson Sharon Stewart.

There is no cause for alarm when the sirens are tested and the public arent required to do anything, she said.

The tests give residents the opportunity to find out what the sirens sound like, so they can be prepared in the event of a real emergency.

The sirens are one of several technology-based public warning systems that Auckland Civil Defence has in place for the entire region, says Craig Glover, Head of Strategy and Planning for Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

People can also subscribe to SMS text messaging or email alerts, the Red Cross Hazard smartphone app or engage with us via Twitter and Facebook, he said.

Text Messages

Messages will be sent to those signed up to Civil Defence and emergency alerts, letting them know the siren being sounded is a test.

The tsunami sirens are located in Rodney at Point Wells, Whangateau, Omaha and Waiwera. In Waitkere sirens are located at Bethells Beach Te Henga, Piha North, Piha South, Karekare, Whatipu, Little Huia, Huia, Te Atatu South, Harbour View Road, Te Atatu Peninsula North, Westpark Marina, Hobsonville Airbase (Harrier Point) and Herald Island.

To find out how to sign up for tsunami alerts, access tsunami zone maps, and make an emergency plan visit


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