Energy and enthusiasm hallmarks of Fiji – Editorial Two

Issue 415, May 15, 2019

Business confidence is more pronounced by the activities in the commercial and industrial sector, in the demand for goods, jobs, services and other tangible means than by what politicians say. Economic growth is not a hidden exercise and it is the actual thermometer that tells us the health of an economy.

Inimitable and inexplicable

There is something to Fiji that is inimitable and even inexplicable. Fijians are known for their resilience and laidback attitude even on the face of adversity- political and meteorological upheavals do not impact the mindset of people. Which is why, energy and enthusiasm is boundless in this South Pacific Nation.

There is much happening in this beautiful country of beautiful people.

World Bank entry

Just last month, the World Bank Group opened its office in Suva  to will serve as a regional hub for the development institution’s work across the region.

That was a significant endorsement of the Bank’s faith in Fiji and in the region. The new regional hub will be integral to the World Bank Group’s delivery of more than F$ I billion worth of projects across six countries (Fiji, Nauru, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu).

As we were told last week in the Fijian Capital, Suva is proving to be a natural fit for organisations of all sizes that are keen to make an impact in the Pacific region.

When Josaia Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama took the reins of the Government about 13 years ago, the fate of the country began to change. Happily, the feelings of international animosity are now being replaced by a conciliatory approach, investment offers, financial aid and ‘such help as may be necessary towards normalisation of bilateral relations.’

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