Family bond exemplifies commercial success

Venkat Raman –

Christmas and -End-of-the-Year gatherings have become significant occasions to not only celebrate the festive season but also to recognise the hard work and dedication of staff and reward them for their loyalty.

On that score, the Party organised by the Auckland based Link 2 Group on Saturday, December 3, 2016 in Manukau City had several moments of joy and gratitude.

Hosted by the Sirigiri family- Indra, Manasa, Rahul and Jaya, the event, attended by about 220 men and women, included clients and other guests.

Supreme Business

The Link2 Group won the Supreme Business of the Year Award at the Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards ceremony held on November 28, 2016.

In their comments, the Judges said, “Link2 Group is the parent organisation managing two complementary businesses – Link 2 Services and Apparel Solutions. Link2 Services was established in year 2000 by Indra and Manasa Sirigiri with a vision to provide outsourced labour solutions to logistics customers and large retailers. Apparel Solutions was acquired in 2013 to provide warehousing capacity.

“Their business model is to contract casual and temporary staff to businesses at the right time, at competitive prices and to complete jobs with high levels of accuracy. Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Rahul Sirigiri, there are more than 200 staff working with 35-40 different customers across Auckland and revenue is growing at 25% per annum.

“We have been impressed with the progress of Link 2 Group over recent years as category winners, and are delighted to recommend the Supreme Business Award to Link2 Group for 2016.”

Link2 Services won the Business Excellence in Customer Service Award and the Best Employer of Choice Award, while Rahul Sirigiri won the Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Link2 Group staff were delighted to see the Trophies displayed at the Staff Party.

Tribute to Staff

Speaking on the occasion, Rahul Sirigiri expressed his gratitude to managers and staff and attributed the success of the Company to their hard work.

“We have been recording impressive and significant growth, thanks to your loyalty and dedication. We are a family and we will continue to place your wellbeing first. Together, we will take the company from strength to strength,” he said.

Other speakers at the function were Customer Services Manager Sekharam Bochu and Sales Manager Jigar Kachhia.

Later, Indra and Rahul Sirigiri awarded gifts and certificates to staff for their distinguished services to the Company.

Among them was Gurbachan Singh, the first and longest-serving employee of the Group. Since joining the Company in Year 2000, he has been an important link to its increasing productivity and exemplary customer service.

According to a customer, “Finding reliable and effective personnel on both a permanent and casual basis is a significant challenge for New Zealand businesses today. Semi-skilled labour is in high demand in several industry sectors, particularly in Auckland. Link2 Group has secured a niche position of providing temporary staff to resolve clients’ unforeseen problems and fluctuating labour demands.

“Indra and Rahul Sirigiri put people first, whether they are working with clients or employees. This creates two strategic advantages for Link2 Services.”


  1. The Sirigiri Family- Jaya, Rahul, Indra and Manasa at the Party
  2. Indra Sirigiri honouring Gurbachan Singh Sandhu
  3. Rahul Sirigiri felicitates Maninder Singh Thind
  4. Rahul Sirigiri with Sekharam Bochu and Jigar Kachhia
  5. Kalyan Rao Kasuganti, President Telangana Association of New Zealand
  6. A section of Link2 employees and guests
  7. Link2 Group Staff celebrate their success

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