Farah Khan: Information, Inspiration and Identity

Farah is dedicated in working towards empowerment of individuals through sharing her personal stories, her work as a lawyer and through the non-profit work that she is involved in. She truly believes that it takes only one person to change the world and she strives to be that one person, she urges you to be that one person too.

Farah Khan is a Partner and Notary Public of Khan & Associates, an Auckland based law firm that has a history of over 25 years.

She was the youngest Notary Public to be appointed in New Zealand in 2015 and still remains the only female Notary Public in the Country of Indian origin. With over 12 years of legal practice Farah now specialises in Criminal and Traffic Court work however continues to head the firm’s Property Law team.

Farah is unlike your average lawyer as she believes that as Lawyers we need to bring the law to the people rather than simply being “the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff” when things have gone wrong. In an attempt to make law more accessible she launched a community-based magazine last year called “FARAH, Information, Inspiration, Identity.”

Farah’s triple “I” concept is built around three key words, Information, Inspiration and Identity. It encompasses the belief that if we empower our people with useful Information and provide sources of Inspiration to better oneself then we have opened the door in assisting people to create their own authentic Identity.

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