Festival relevant to all New Zealanders

Diwali is one of the most significant festivals and a special time for our Indian community.

It is marked with great enthusiasm, happiness and a time to gather together and celebrate a festive occasion.

The history of Diwali is full of legends, strongly linked to the stories of religious scriptures with a prevailing theme that Good will overcome Evil.

Lighting lamps at Diwali symbolises lighting a lamp of knowledge within each of us, and as a community.

What makes Diwali relevant, not just to Indians, is that the festival symbolises hope. It reminds us that life will continue to be renewed.

Because of this, Diwali has become one of the central traditions that people associate with India and Indians around the world.

The widening interest in Diwali reflects New Zealand’s growing cultural diversity, and reminds us how enriching that factor is to our nation.

Police have a growing ethnic workforce to reflect the community.

We work with ethnic communities throughout the country to enhance their understanding of safety and security issues and their ability to access police services.

With many festivals and celebrations being held around the country, Police remind everyone to drive safely and ensure they are cautious when lighting fireworks.

Take time to reflect at this special time and enjoy the festivities with your family and community.

We are pleased to take the opportunity to wish the Indian community a Happy Diwali on behalf of the New Zealand Police.

Howard Broad is New Zealand’s Commissioner of Police based in Wellington.

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