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One of the most popular Mathematics teachers of the country is celebrating 2014 as a ‘Year of Significant Milestones,’ as an increasing number of students enrol at three branches of his school in Auckland.

Mr Yogi (whose real name is Yogendra Advaryu) has just completed 40 years as a teacher of the seemingly most difficult subject in the world in a brilliant career that took him from his native India to South Africa ((Johannesburg) for more than 20 years before bringing him to New Zealand.

As well marking four decades as a pedagogue, Mr Yogi is celebrating the completion of 10 years of his first school in Mt Roskill, fifth anniversary of his second branch in Papatoetoe and the second anniversary of his third branch in Henderson.

He commenced teaching students individually upon his migration to New Zealand but established Yogi Institute in 2004.

Maths allergy

Among the subjects taught are Mathematics (Year 3 to Year 13), Science, (Year 9 to Year 11), Physics (NCEA Levels 2 & 3) and English (all levels).

“Mathematics challenges students, especially those in their early years at school, making many of them averse to the subject. They move away to other streams. However, Mathematics need not be daunting. Like everything else, there is a way to learn and enjoy the subject,” he said.

Mr Yogi has seen hundreds of students doing well in their careers after scoring high marks in Mathematics. He helped them overcome the fear of the subject in the first instance and taught them the techniques of mastering ‘the demon’ (as they called it) and making it work for them.

Success scores

He is proud that there are scores of his students successfully pursuing their profession as engineers, scientists, software specialists, doctors, chartered accountants, legal practitioners and entrepreneurs.

“Dedication, hard work, perseverance and most important of all, honesty and integrity are the most important attributes to success in any field. Like any other subject, mathematics too expects ‘respect and admiration’ from its practitioner. If you love mathematics, it will love you,” he said.

Indian style

Mr Yogi said that he subscribed to the ‘Indian style of teaching,’ which has proved to be the most effective way of learning and teaching.

“I have found that students, taught with personal care and attention, grow to become professionals using their mathematical skills and knowledge of science subjects.

“The ‘Indian style’ enables students to have a deeper understanding of the subjects and prepares them to apply their minds appropriately,” he said.

Mr Yogi said that his Institute was perhaps the only education provider that conducts regular ‘model examinations’ at the end of each academic year, preparing students to appear in their school examinations, including NCEA Levels I, II and III.

Students studying for other board examinations also learn Mathematics and science subjects from him.

“I am proud to be a teacher and derive great pleasure and satisfaction from hearing the progress being achieved by my former students in their careers in New Zealand, Australia, UK and the US.

“The third branch of the Institute demonstrates the growing demand from our children to learn better,” he said.

Overcoming fear

Mr Yogi’s first lesson has always been to enable his students to overcome their pre-conceived notions about science subjects.

“For instance, Mathematics is neither a fearsome nor a despicable subject. It needs concentration, regular practice and of course ‘respect and attention.’ This is the only subject that provides opportunities to score maximum marks,” he said.

His love and admiration for Mathematics saw him graduate in the subject and become its teacher at a popular school in his native Gujarat (Ahmedabad) for more than 20 years, in South Africa (Johannesburg) for three years and in New Zealand since 2002.

He began his teaching career in this country by visiting three students in their homes and in less than five years, Yogi Institute became the home for scores of students. He opened the second branch in Papatoetoe (89 Great South Road, close to Hunters Corner) in 2010.

Social responsibility

Mr Yogi believes that teaching is a moral duty and a social responsibility.

“It is a great honour to educate the younger members of the society and set them on the path to progress and prosperity in their lives. There is no substitute to good education and I respect parents who are committed to providing their children avenues for quality learning,” Mr Yogi said.

English lessons

Mr Yogi said that the next milestone of the Institute would be English language classes, likely to be offered at all three branches.

“The importance of knowing English as the language of communication in business and in the community cannot be over-emphasised. Our proposed English language classes will be a valuable addition to teaching,” he said.

Central Auckland South Auckland West Auckland

1/1 McGowan Street 89 Great South Road Henderson Intermediate School

Mt Roskill Papatoetoe 70 Lincoln Road, Henderson

Mon-Fri 5 pm to 9 pm Saturdays 9 am to 6 pm Sundays 1230 pm to 630 pm

Phone (09) 6270070 (09) 2778039 (09) 6720070

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