Financial literacy programme for workers

Frenzi Group, one of New Zealand’s leading hospitality companies, is offering the financial literacy programme to employees to help them better manage their finances.

The new online version of Financial Education and Research (Fin-Ed) Centre’s Money Smarts course, called, ‘Money Smarts @Work,’ is being offered in workplaces for the first time.

The programme was launched to mark ‘Money Week 2014’ held from October 13 to 19.

Identifying needs

The new, cost-effective course is in keeping with the Centre’s tradition of identifying financial literacy needs in the community.

Money Smarts @ Work is a short online course that fills a need – people are time poor, but learning some basic financial skills can really make a long-term difference to people’s lives. Our aim is to provide convenient choices to people who want to improve their money management skills and are self-motivated to take action.

The course is fully online to enable participants to complete it in their own time. It has been designed to provide a basic understanding of some of the principles, tools and techniques necessary for personal financial management. The content includes goal setting, budgeting, saving, debt management and protecting assets.

Subsidised fees

The course costs $49, but Frenzi Group is heavily subsiding the costs for their staff.

Frezi Director Roy Thompson said, “The Group believes that smart financial management is just as important in our personal lives as it is in business. We have worked with Massey University’s Fin-Ed Centre to make this short, flexible online course available to staff to enable them to gain additional skills in managing their finances.

The course was experimented with a number of employees to ensure that the content was relevant, engaging and ready for launch during the ‘Money Week.’

We are really delighted that Frenzi Group, has decided to offer the course to their staff. We look forward to getting feedback from the participants and hope to see the programme roll out in other workplaces around the country.

Dr Pushpa Wood is Director of Financial Education and Research (Fin-Ed) Centre of Massey University based in Wellington. She can be contacted on 021-755813. Email:

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