Fitness with fun resists obesity

Members of the Indian community are evincing interest in physical fitness programmes but those that add fun and entertainment are becoming increasingly popular.

A series of programmes run by Health & Fitness professional Ella Kumar is also enlisting increasing attention.

The Puketapapa Local Board Member said that ‘Resistance Training’ is gaining strength among Indians in the City.

Resistance training

“It is a form of exercise that contracts muscles which build the size of skeletal muscle, increasing endurance and strength. Resistance training has significant functional benefits,” she said.

It includes a number of activities including push ups, chin ups, pump classes, weights programme in the gym, running or walking, she added.

“Resistance training helps to reduce internal body fat, increase bone density, and maintain good cholesterol level. We must look after our elders since ageing may cause osteoporosis disease (thinning and weakening of bones). This can be avoided through correct training and other methods such as increasing Vitamin C and calcium intake,” Ms Kumar said.

Community classes

She conducts community classes for women of all ages at Cameron Pools (53 Arundel Street) in Mt Roskill on Sundays from 630 pm to 830 pm. Those attending the ‘Ladies only Night’ are charged at $3.50, which includes gym facility, swimming, aquacise class, cardio machines and weight machines.

‘Bollypump’ is held at the same venue on Sundays at 9 am (Members free; others $5).

Ms Kumar also conducts ‘Bollyrobix Gold Coin’ on Sundays at 730 am and ‘Bollypump’ at 7 pm ($5 per person per class) at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre (145 New North Road), Eden Terrace.

Further details can be obtained from Ella Kumar on (09) 6290660 0r 021-0477642.

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