Geographical Indications to reinforce wines reputation

Jacqui Dean

Wellington, May 30, 2017

New Zealand wine and spirit makers will soon be able to register their geographical indications.

Legislation to enable the wine industry to formally register their geographical indications in New Zealand is on track to come into force in late July.

A geographical indication shows that a wine or spirit comes from a specific region, and possesses particular qualities or characteristics as a result.

Registering regional names for our wine and spirits will reinforce the qualities and reputation of these products. It will also make it easier for exporters to promote and protect their wine and spirits in some overseas markets.

The New Zealand wine industry has built the international reputation of New Zealand wines so that they command a premium price in foreign markets.

A key contributor to the reputation of New Zealand wine is the industry’s use of geographical indications – that is regional names like Marlborough or Central Otago.

Bringing the Geographical Indications (Wines and Spirits) Registration Act and Regulations into force will ensure we can maintain and enhance the reputation of New Zealand wines and spirits.

Jacqui Dean is Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister of New Zealand.

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