Government retracts deportation order

Former head of the Wages Council Father Kevin Barr said he hopes to see out the last of his days in Fiji.

“I have served the country for so long and most of the people I know and love are here. Fiji has been my home for 32 years and I hope to live and die here,” he said.

He made these comments on January 26 as the government reversed a removal order issued a day earlier on the 76-year-old social worker.

According to a government statement, Father Barr will be allowed to stay in Fiji until the end of the year when his work permit expires.

“I have yet to receive official documents from the Department of Immigration, but I have heard it being broadcast and I have seen the official government statement,” Father Barr said.

The government initially gave Father Barr until January 27 to leave the country for breaching work permit rules.

Father Barr said he remained unclear on what the breaches were and would need to discuss them with Immigration.

“After representations were made to the Prime Minister’s office, which were then followed by a discussion between the Prime Minister and the Immigration Minister, the deportation order was withdrawn,” the statement said.

Courtesy: Fiji Times

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