Hamilton Malayalees combine Easter with Vishu

Religious unity and communal harmony would be the highlight of a festival being organised by the Hamilton Malayalee Association on April 14.

Association Secretary Dilip Kurien said that the event, combining Easter and ‘Vishu’ celebrations, will be held at the Melville Intermediate School Hall from 6 pm.

Vishu is a popular festival of the Hindus in the South Indian State of Kerala, marking the Malayalam New Year, in accordance with ‘Kolla Varsham,’ or the Malayalam Calendar. Vishu also signifies the transit of Sun into Mesha Rashi (Aries in the Zodiac format) and represents the vernal equinox.

In Sanskrit, Vishu means ‘Equal.’

“Easter is one of the most important religious festivals of the Christian liturgical year and Vishu holds great importance to Malayalees, regardless of their religion or sect.

“The underlying concept of our programme is to share a distinct culture across a diverse group of individuals,” Mr Kurien said.

The programme will include cultural items presented by the members of the Association, their children and others, he added.

Further information can be obtained from Sagin Jose or Cleo Sagin on (07) 8432646 or 021-1736073 and 021-02730681.


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