Healthy competition enhances customer value

Increasing costs fuelling rise in airfares, fierce competition in a crowded market, the challenge of the Internet and problems perpetrated by the ongoing financial crisis are among the issues that confront the travel and tourism industry.

While tourism is a major income-earner for the New Zealand economy in general and air carriers and tour operators in particular, travel agencies depend largely on outbound business and leisure travellers. The fledgling Indian business community and the growth in the population of people of Indian origin and those from the Indian Sub-Continent have raised the demand for a wide range of travel related-services.

Business ethics

Panworld Travel Mangere Managing Director Nimesh Kumar Amin said that although small, New Zealand’s travel and tourism market offers ample opportunities for growth.

“I have always advocated sound ethics as the foundation for any business – more so in the travel industry, which involves customer service. I also believe that customer relations should be built only by providing quality products and professional services. I am happy that Pan World Travel Mangere has never compromised these principles since its establishment,” he said.

The travel store, located at 6B Savill Drive in Mangere East in Auckland, offers an extensive range of products and services to a growing list of clients of varied ethnicity. These include air, sea and rail tickets, tours, transfers, hotel accommodation, car hire and almost all other relative services.

“Customers travelling to their preferred destinations either for business or holiday and those keen to explore new destinations look for the best value that their money can buy and more importantly, insist on hassle-free travel.

“At Panworld Travel Mangere, the comfort and convenience of every customer is important and we try to rise to every challenge and every occasion. We do not take any situation for granted and do not spare any effort to ensure that all travel arrangements are in order. Nothing is left to chance,” Mr Amin said.

Professional Service

As a professional with years of experience and expertise, he is aware of the market trends, realities and customer expectations. The Company’s customers of varying ethnicity depend on the professional advice rendered by a team of motivated staff.

“I am proud of my team of professionals, who are masters of their trade with a wealth of experience. They understand the needs of customers and design travel and tour packages to suit their budget. They do not leave anything to chance and endeavour to add maximum value to customers, the airlines and other trading partners,” Mr Amin said.

Travellers are beginning to understand the intricacies of the profession and prefer the services of qualified agents such as Panworld Travel Mangere.

“Although many companies around the world offer cheaper airfares, accommodation and other services, it is better to seek the services of professionals. In the case of Panworld Travel Mangere, Mr Amin and staff recommend the best travel package and ensure that we have all reservations in place prior to travel,” a customer said.

An Indian Newslink reader Sneha Paul Gray, who travelled to India with her husband wrote about her horrifying experience in shonky hotels booked through the Internet (Indian Newslink Web Edition, July 1, 2011). She later said the experience proved to be more expensive than booking through a travel agent.

Mr Amin said that despite unhealthy practices prevalent in the market, customers will always understand and patronise the company that delivers more than what it promises, standing by them in times of emergency and need.

“We have grown with our customers, providing them with a comprehensive range of products and services. They are aware that either a phone call or a visit to our office in Mangere will enable them to obtain trouble-free service leading to their trouble-free travel,” he said.

Global network

As a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Travel Agents Association of New Zealand (TAANZ) and a number of other national and international organisations, Panworld Travel Mangere has established a global network of airline companies, hotels and accommodation providers, travel and tour operators, car hire companies and a host of others to guarantee round-the-clock, round-the-world service.

“This is a challenging profession. We believe in honesty, transparency and accountability to our customers and business associates. Such a commitment encourages us to take our profession seriously and strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Nothing gives us greater pleasure and feeling of success than a patron telling us that we made a world of difference to their travel,” he said.

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