High School student named Miss India Wellington

Teenagers were the most successful of the contestants at the Miss India Wellington beauty pageant held in the Capital City on Saturday, May 25, 2013, with Year 12 student winning the title.

Sixteen-year-old Asha Mamgain of Hutt Valley High School qualified for the honours, while Chandini Contractor and Denise Lim were chosen respectively as the First and Second Runners-Up in the closely contested event.

Winners’ comments

Asha said that beauty pageants were not confined to women who are six feet tall and have a size zero figure.

“They are also for confident people and to those who know how to present themselves,” she said.

Denise enjoys representing Indian and Chinese cultures with mixed parentage.

“Bangkok is my second home. I love Thai food and of course shopping,” she said.

Nineteen-year-old Chandini is a Victoria University student, pursuing her course in Commercial Law.

“I am adventurous, like travelling, gaining new experiences and taking chances. I believe that people should always try to be happy and positive in life,” she said.

Competitive spirit

Swapna Parikh, Managing Director of Rhythm House Limited, which organised the pageant, said that the contestants were determined and fought for the title in a healthy and competitive spirit.

“Supporters of the contestants were on edge of their seats as the names of the winners were announced. There were scenes of tears of joy and disappointment as audience left the venue of the Miss India Wellington beauty contest (Wellington High School) just after 11 pm,” she said.

According to her, as the Bollywood Talent Quest participants and guest performers kept the stage pulse high, the backstage was buzzing with contestants changing into variety of colourful outfits.

“Exquisite Saree, high heels and Bollywood music kept the limelight on the catwalk throughout the night,” she said.

Worldwide 2014

Mrs Parikh said that Rhythm House and Rock On Music Limited will host Miss India Worldwide 2014 in New Zealand.

“The grand global event was launched in Wellington,” she said.

Photo :

1. Asha Mamgain with Denise Lim (left) and Chandini Contractor (right)

2. A line-up of contestants

Miss India Wellington Winners

Miss India Wellington 2013: Asha Mamgain

First Runner-Up: Chandini Contractor

Second Runner-Up: Denise Lim

Other Category Winners

Miss Talent: Arishma Baran
Public Choice Photogenic: Chandani Contractor
Miss Potential Model: Asha Mamgain
Miss Photographic Model: Monisha Goundar
Miss Beautiful Hair: Shafrana Ali
Miss Beautiful Skin: Sharleen Khan
Miss Beautiful Smile: Arishma Singh
Miss Personality: Roneeza Ali
Miss Desi V Desi Wellington 2013: Krital Kumar

Photographs by Bhikhu Bhula

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