Homecare for children, exciting career for teachers

The keenness of the government to promote Early Childhood Education (ECE) to ensure that children are prepared well for their scholastic career has encouraged the establishment of Childcare Centres throughout the country.

While these Centres (such as Discoveries Educare, discussed in another article in this Special Report) have become an important part of promoting wellness among children, there is yet another service that is gaining popularity.

Home Education

Sunshine Childcare Centre- Excursion promote cultural awareness WebThis is the ‘Home-based Child Education Service,’ operated through private establishments with the service provided by qualified and registered as early childhood education teachers.

Among them is ‘Sunrise Homebase Childcare Services’ catering to children from birth until they are five years old.

Founded in 2011 by Rippon Sandhu, a qualified and experienced teacher, this facility aims to provide quality childcare service from homes to children whose parents prefer one-to-one care for their children and/or want their children to be closer to their homes.

Care is provided throughout Auckland for children from birth until they are five years old. With two licences, Sunrise Homebase Childcare provides care for 130 children.

Diverse interests

Sunshine Childcare Centre- Gatherings foster the spirit of oneness WebAdministrator Dr S Ajit said that Sunrise Home-based teachers also cater to the diverse interests and abilities of children.

“We strongly believe that children’s learning is enriched through respectful relationships between peers, whanau, educator and coordinators and we value diverse cultures with the importance of multicultural environments to cater for children’s individual needs and their whanau. We ensure that we work together in providing children with meaningful experiences and inspiring opportunities that will support children to become confident and capable learners,” he said.

Potential to achieve

Dr Ajit said that the Centre works on the principle that children have the potential to think, achieve, and take pride in everything they do.

“Our commitment is to ensure that all children have opportunities to develop into happy, healthy, self-reliant, motivated learners and problem solvers. At Sunrise Homebase Childcare Service, our goal is to provide personalised care and education in a home setting where children have their unique strengths and needs met. Our passionate educators are well equipped to fulfil this objective, leading by example to support their growth,” he said.

Good alternative

Ms Sandhu said that home-based childcare is an alternative to centre-based care, providing a small ratio of a maximum of four children to one educator.

“Small groups make it possible for children to build responsive and reciprocal relationships, and become confident and competent individuals. Care is also arranged in the home of a child of a small group of children needing care or in a home nominated by parents,” she said.

Sunrise Homebased Childcare service offers the benefits of 20 free ECE hours and a bonus up to ten hours of free care for children in the three to five-years age group. As well as monthly playgroup sessions and excursions, the homecare service brings the value of parental care to children.

Building trust

Sunrise works to establish and promote parents’ trust in educators who provide personalised attention. All our educators have police verification and all our premises are checked for safety and security. Our Coordinators are qualified Early Childhood Teachers registered with the New Zealand Teachers Council and their role is to support and oversee the programmes,” Dr Ajit said.

The coordinators are responsible for enrolment of children along with other learning documentation. They work with educators to ensure that children receive the best possible care, he added.

Among the other benefits that Sunrise offers teachers is flexibility of working in their home, professional development through workshops and other avenues, free uniform and first Aid courses and regular team-building events.

“Relationships are important to us, as well as parents, educators, children and visiting teachers at Home as we strive to ensure that all of us work together to form a supportive, communicative community,” Dr Ajit and Ms Sandhu said.

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