If you are distressed, await a Spiritual Leader

Vishvasant Brahmrishi Guruvanand in Auckland soon

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Humankind is caught in a cobweb of work, wealth creation, politics, power game and everything that causes stress, tension, leading in the process to social ills and ill health.

Spirituality is an important source of solace and comfort and such spirituality need not be connected with religion or rites.

But the need for proper guidance and leadership cannot be over-emphasised.

Hindu scholars, rishis and people of lore have since long prescribed ‘evoking the innate goodness in men and women’ as the single most important facet of peace and harmony in the world.

Illumination Process

Self-Realisation is seen as the beginning of such a blissful state, although its achievement and sustenance is a serious challenge.

Ancient Vedic texts and other scriptures in India have often spoken of the need to harness the energies- both internal and external- to attain the much sought after and often eluding liberation.

Among those who have assisted millions of people around the world to achieve the state of self-realisation is Vishvasant Brahmrishi Guruvanand, reverently addressed as ‘Sri Gurudev,’ whose presence in itself is stated to be magnetic and divine.

He will be in Auckland towards the end of April for a public discourse at Mahatma Gandhi Centre located at 145, New North Road in Eden Terrace.

Self-Realised Soul

Laxmi Jhunjhnuwala, who is coordinating the visit, said that ‘Sri Gurudev’ is a self-realised soul who has invoked all the spiritual centres of divine energy (Chakras of Kundalini), and helped people to seek true happiness in their lives.

“Through intense meditation and spiritual discipline (Sadhana) of 45 years, he has rediscovered all the Sidhis (divine powers) of ancient sages which were lost over time. With this divine power, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people in distress. His mission is to guide us to liberation while we continue to fulfil our worldly duties,” she said in a statement.

Impressive qualifications

As reported in our June 15, 2015 issue, the 75-year-old spiritual leader has impressive credentials. He is an engineering graduate of the prestigious ‘Indian Institute of Technology’ (IIT) with an unbeaten record of highest percentage (99.7%) of marks.

His other educational qualifications include postgraduate (MA) degrees in Sanskrit, Vedas, Astrology, Hindi and Vyakaran, and a doctorate (PhD) in Astrology. He is a Visiting Professor to a number of Universities and Colleges including the well-known Benares Hindu University.

Ms Jhunjhnuwala said that ‘Sri Gurudev’ embodies ‘Sat,’ the truth.

“His consciousness defines ‘chid’ – the enlightened; his nature symbolises ‘Anand’ -the eternal bliss. He is an incarnate Sadguru and is among the most revered saints of the current era. He is an enlightened soul empowered with divinity and illuminating the universe,” she said.

Honours & Awards

Winner of seven gold medals at the ‘Parliament of World Religions’ and the ‘Personality of Knowledge’ and the title of ‘Jyotish Murmagya’ conferred by the German Astrological Society, his mission is to “reach out to as many people as possible to spread the message of awareness, self-realisation, humanity and peace.’

He is known for his intrinsic knowledge of Astrology (at least 27 kinds of the Science), the Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata (the two great Epics of India), the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Purim, Agama and many other Hindu and Jain Scriptures.

Spiritual Centre

The Ashram (Spiritual Centre) that ‘Sri Gurudev’ has established amidst the pious environment of the world-renowned Tirupathi-Tirumala Hills in the South Indian State of Andhra Pradesh attracts hundreds of thousands of devotees, followers, admirers and students of Hinduism.

Activities at this Centre include Discourses, Yoga, Meditation and other spiritual endeavours. The Ashram houses several Temples, Gaushalas (shelter for cows), and Dharmashalas (Rest Homes).

Further details of his forthcoming visit to Auckland, along with a biographic sketch, will appear in an ensuing issue of Indian Newslink.


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