Indian entrepreneurs show business acumen

Many Indians leave their motherland for foreign shores in search of better career opportunities for themselves, and a higher standard of living for their families.

Migrating to a distant land and starting a new life in an unfamiliar place is a major decision taken by people in their lives.

Coping with new lifestyle, culture and business practices can be a challenge.

Several Indians, upon migrating to New Zealand, decide to establish businesses, either in their areas of qualifications or expertise or in a completely different field.

For some, it is a calculated choice based on their previous experience and inclination, while for others, it is a way to break out of their existing regimented professional lives, and create a higher niche for themselves.

Whatever the reason, these businesses are an earnest attempt at running a successful enterprise.

An Indian entrepreneur always ventures into a business with his or her homework well done.

They set up their businesses for the long haul.

They know what has the most chance of succeeding in the market.

They also know that in a cluttered market, an innovative product or service will be noticed. The motive is to enter the market and create a space for them.

Quality products and good customer services are essential attributes of a successful venture, and Indian entrepreneurs score top marks in their fields of activity.

Family bond

These businesses are based on the tenant of strong family bonds.

The whole family will contribute to the enterprise in whichever way they can.

In addition, these businesses have a strong community spirit.

There is always sound advice and help on hand from various quarters.

Political awareness, social responsibility and market knowledge are among the special attributes of Indian businesspersons, which help them to achieve success.

They understand the systems and practices in New Zealand and know the channels to tap.

They would invariably be aware of the help available from the Government.

Many of them are not shy of voicing their opinions on issues, because they know that their voices would be heard in the corridors of power on anything they feel is detrimental to the growth of business.

All these reasons make it a strong incentive for financial institutions and investors to look favourably at these enterprises.

Businesses of Indian origin in New Zealand have shown that they are successful migrants, making a name for themselves and integrating with the mainstream society whilst keeping their cultural identity intact.

Indian Newslink instituted the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards in 2008 to acknowledge and applaud successful businesses and entrepreneurs.

Entries to this year’s Awards programme (comprising 12 individual categories and the Supreme Business of the Year Award) closed on August 31, 2012.

I am sure that many Indian businesses would be looking forward to the Awards Night due to be held on Monday, November 19, 2012 at the Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland. The Awards function, which begins with cocktails at 5 pm, is a great networking opportunity to establish and renew contacts with about 800 entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals, representing a cross-section of the country’s business community.

For more details, visit Details of the Awards Night will appear in Indian Newslink in its ensuing editions.

Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2012

Categories Sponsor

Business Excellence in Retail Trade The Ranchhod Group

Business Excellence in Restaurant Trade

Business Excellence in Innovation Singapore Airlines

Business Excellence in Marketing Radio Tarana

Business Excellence in Customer Service Kalamazoo Group

Business Excellence in ICT KPMG New Zealand

Best Small Business 2degrees Mobile Limited

Best Medium-Sized Business Unitec Institute of Technology

Best Large Business BNZ Partners

Business Excellence in Export to India New Zealand Career College

Additional Categories

Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year Patton Limited

Best Businesswoman of the Year Triangle Television

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