Investment on track for Auckland commuters

Aucklanders can look forward to faster and more reliable electric trains, thanks to National’s $1.6 billion investment to upgrade, extend, and electrify Auckland’s rail network.

In addition, Auckland will be able to get 50% more electric trains because of a funding agreement between the Government and the Auckland Council.

National recognises that commuter rail is becoming more and more important to Auckland as more people choose to use this transport to get to work.

The Government is making an additional grant of up to $90 million so that Auckland Transport can make the most of favourable purchase conditions and buy the full all-electric fleet for the network.

The agreement means a fully electric fleet can operate in Auckland, owned by the region, resulting in significant savings.

KiwiRail has carried out an extensive procurement process along with Auckland Transport.

A contract for the purchase of the new trains will be signed on September 30, 2011 with the new trains arriving progressively from 2013.

Procuring a full fleet of electric trains offers the best operational flexibility and long-term value for money by being able to operate on all three-train lines.

Along with the electrification of Auckland rail, we have completed the double tracking of the Western line, rebuilt and upgraded various stations including Newmarket and New Lynn, reopened the Onehunga Branch line and commenced construction of the Manukau line.

National’s investment into Auckland rail will give the region more independence and flexibility as to how they run services.

Passengers can look forward to faster and more reliable electric trains.

More good news is that we are delivering these improved services at no extra cost to you. Motorists would not have to pay an additional 10 cents per litre regional fuel tax.

National recognises that boosting our infrastructure is vital to unclogging the arteries of growth, creating jobs, and lifting incomes in Auckland.

That is why we have prioritised investing $1.6 billion in Auckland’s rail network.

Kanwajit Singh Bakshi is Member of Parliament on National List. The above article is exclusive to Indian Newslink ©

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