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Neale Donald Walsch, a famous American author, once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Four friends from Auckland have taken the above seriously and have decided to embark upon the greatest adventure rally on the planet, ‘The Mongol Rally.’

If you think that you have done some crazy things in life, wait till you read about this.

The rally starts in London on July 16, 2017 and finishes in Ulan-Ude, Russia via Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia.

Once you depart from London, you can take whichever route you fancy and take as much time as you like as this is not a race but an adventure.

That is the good part.

What is the catch then?

Take your car

You cannot take a car bigger than 1.2 litre in engine size; so essentially something you may not really consider taking from Auckland to Wellington.

And there is no support or back up on the road. You are on your own.

Check out the route we are taking on our website.

Team Honk Honk Old Monk will begin their journey from London on July 16, travelling through 20 countries, covering about 16,000 kms and trying to reach Ulan-Ude by August 17, 2017.

The Team

The team comprises Raj Srivastav, better known as RJ Sarkar Raj, Sid Chopra, Sunny Singh and Arvind Roy.

The guys have been intending to take part in this rally for over three years but for some reason or another could not do so earlier.

As they say, Better late than never and it is going ahead this year.

A rally like this will not be cheap, especially since we have to fly to London.

We are looking for sponsors who would be keen to fund us.

In return, we have various ways of promoting you or your business.

Please visit the Sponsor Section on our website to have a look at the sponsorship options. We are happy to provide accommodation, unless you have something else in mind. Please contact Arvind Roy on 021-333862 to discuss.

Promoting Charity

The team is also raising money for Charity that includes Cool Earth and our very own Starship Foundation.

The donate page on the team’s website has been setup in a way that your donation goes straight to the charity, not to the team’s account.

So please be generous and donate knowing that not a single cent will be used by the team towards their expenses.

If you want to experience this great adventure then I urge you to follow us.

We will be sharing our experience on our Blog and other Social Media.

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