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What happens in one minute on the internet?

The common complaint heard worldwide is about how everyone (else) is always glued to their mobile phone and have little connection with the reality around them.

This may be an exaggeration but not untrue.

This is in addition to hundreds of thousands of people who are glued to some other electronic device like a tablet, laptop, desktop or some such electronic device.

Further, almost invariably, the users are logged on to the internet and are browsing the World Wide Web.

Behavioural Study

Intrigued by this present-day reality, I decided to study how people spend their time on the internet.

Whilst there are several, varying accounts available, of what people likely do, I managed to compile a list of ‘popular spots’ where people collectively spend significant amounts of time.

I am sure the information that follows, which I have gathered mostly from the platforms themselves, will simultaneously amaze, confuse as well as shock you.

Amazing facts

This is what happens in one minute on the internet:

500 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube and 410 million videos will be viewed.

3.8 million google searches are carried out.

51,000 applications will be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

Users will watch 64,444 hours of content on Netflix.

$203,596 worth of products will be sold on Amazon.com.

448,800 tweets will be posted on Twitter.

527,760 photos will be shared on Snapchat.

3.3 million posts will be made to Facebook.

1440 posts are made on WordPress which is one of the most popular platform these days, to create commercial websites.

20.8 million messages will be sent using WhatsApp.

204 million emails will be sent.

12000 new accounts will be created on LinkedIn

1500000 GIFs will be sent using Facebook messenger

4000000 hours of music will have been listened to on Spotify

99000000 swipes would have happened on Tinder.

Almost 66000 photos are uploaded onto Instagram

So, the next time when you comment that people do not work hard but waste their time surfing the internet, remember the above that happens every minute.

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