‘Jyotish Didi’ predicts through Shakespearean Sonnets

As a writer, author, and publisher of an intercultural magazine, Linda is known throughout the Western World as Linda ‘Sonnett’ Carlson.

Linda Carlson-Singh is a Finnish-American citizen of the world, who lives in Half Moon Bay in Auckland.

Like few Finnish seers over centuries, Linda’s Finnish family heritage gifted her with a natural ability of connecting to angels as she gives direction, predictions, and guidance in spoken rhyming verse.

Married to a Sikh for 12 years, Linda has lived in six countries including Germany, US, New Zealand and India and says that she really misses living in Bengaluru, India.

Her deep love of India, from food to culture and religions, as well as the people of in all walks of life, has widened her reach around the world.

Angelic Insights

Linda acknowledges that her angelic insights in rhyme (which is the ability to give ‘readings’ in Shakespearean Sonnets), are rare throughout the world, and she is appreciative of the way in which the people of India have embraced her gifts.

It was in India that local people referred to her as ‘Jyotish Didi.’

“My passion is eliminating worldwide stereotypes to bring all people together; expanding understanding, peace, prosperity and health as well as giving hope, clarity and direction to people in their personal or professional life. I am also effective in helping people who are in transition,” she said.

How does one develop, “Sonnets Sent from Heaven?”

Like handfuls of seers, psychics and astrologers around the world, Linda comes from seven generations of psychic/seers through her maternal linage. Her maternal great- grandmother, grandmother and mother were seers. They were also midwives, herbalists, and Ayurvedics, in both Finland and the US.

Initial struggles

Working in the financial industry, Linda initially struggled to ignore her unfolding psychic gifts expressed in Shakespearian sonnets. After a couple of years, she had to acknowledge and embrace them to become, and remain, healthy!

After much research, Linda discovered that her rhyming Spiritual gifts were known in Finnish culture. Finland had a few seers, intuitives, psychics and astrologers, who have had gifts of giving Spiritual Direction in sonnets over the last centuries and Linda is recognised as being one of them.

“I experienced four different types of cancers in four years which gifted me with unusual clairvoyant rhyming abilities. Beginning with the first of my four cancers, Angels came in my dreams warning me of cancer and asking me to do, ‘God’s Work.’ I was confused by the request. Angels continued to visit me with warnings of each subsequent cancer; and every warning turned out to be true,” she said.

Cancers strike

From the onset of the first cancer, Linda started to speak in Angelic rhyme through Shakespearean sonnets telling people things she could not possibly know.

“After all, my maternal grandmother was the seer!”

Her practical but highly intuitive family could not believe their ears!

Even her grandmother did not rhyme!

Every cancer brought stronger spiritual intuitive gifts, and progressive rhyming ability.

After a while, Linda studied with the internationally acclaimed Eleanor Royse and was her protégé. She helped Linda to frame and accept her angel insights in rhyme.

With over 500 hours of international Radio and TV guest appearances across the world (including BBC and networks in Canada and US), Linda’s passion is to assist people with finding their own direction and path in life.

Strong Messenger

“I am just a messenger to help give guidance so one can find meaningful change in their life. People everywhere need encouragement with direction that, in my opinion, is focused, gentle, and honest. I do this through natural rhyming angelic insights, sometimes supported by angel cards, and reinforced by astrology.”

Linda looks forward to being a part of the New Zealand community and contributing to its peace and prosperity.

“Why did I move here in the first place? What nicer peaceful place is there to raise your child? For our family, that is New Zealand,” she said.

What People say about Linda Sonnett Carlson

The couplets spill out of her mouth at a dizzying rate in perfect 14-line meter. As he demonstrated personalised poetry in what appeared to be an involuntary reflex.

Kathleen Roberts, Courier News, Illinois, USA

Linda is a good entrepreneur, visionary leader and a go-getter.

Purnima Voria, Owner, National USA India Chamber of Commerce and International Trade and Development Specialist, Denver, Colorado, USA,

“I have known Linda and have experienced her superior talents and abilities for over 10 years. She is truly a remarkable and gifted woman. Repeatedly she has demonstrated a profound foresight and insight into situations, which are not normally easily observable or discernible. She is giving and generous to a fault. It is not uncommon for her to go out of her way to correct the wrongs in our world. She is the type of lady who I am proud to say I know. Linda, thanks to you for being who you are – the world needs more people like her. God Bless you, keep up your right and honourable work.

Laurice (Larry) Tatum, Intelligence/ Security Consultant at Tatum Agency

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