Kelston candidate reiterates the National promise

Venkat Raman 

Bala (Venu) Beeram is anxious but not nervous; he is excited and less than ten days to the general election (September 23), he remains as confident as he was when it all began.

The National Party candidate in Kelston is conscious that the electorate is a strong Labour hold but has done his best to make an impression among the voting public.

If loyalty is a measure for reward, Bala should have made it to a safe place on the Party’s List announced on July 30, 2017. At 57, his position is precarious, given the serious advances made by the Labour Party in recent weeks.

But Bala is not a man to be ruffled by these changing fortunes.

Serious challenges

“Even as my nomination was approved, I was aware of the serious challenges that were confronting me both within the Party and the community. I have supported the National Party Kelston Board for the past three years and mobilised financial support at fundraising events in 2016. More than 100 persons including members of the Party and volunteers joined me during the campaign period. The close relationship that I have developed with the communities in my electorate gives me the confidence and courage to represent the National Party,” he said.

Great support

At most events, Mr Beeram had the services of up to 100 volunteers. They helped him organise one human rally, one car rally and four public meetings in the past four months.

His wife Pratibha has been a source of strength and inspiration for Mr Beeram.

She joined him in visiting more than 20,000 houses at least thrice each, meeting people of varied ethnicities and political leanings, understanding their concerns and discussing their views of addressing the issues.

As well as visiting every Church, Temple, Community Centre and Shopping Mall, Mr Beeram and his wife went to diaries, convenience stories, and schools in the Kelston electorate. He visited 100 shops and attend three election forum meetings.

“I am fortunate to have had the visits of Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, five ministers and several MPs to my electorate for campaigning,” he said.

Photo Caption:

Bala Beeram and his supports at the Rally in Kelston.

(Photo Supplied)

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