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Tickets are selling fast for Aarohi Academy of Music’s much awaited programme, ‘Khamoshiyaan Gun Gunane Lagi,’ the third Live-in-Concert tribute to Hindi Cinema’s music legend Lata Mangeshkar and her evergreen songs.

The programme is scheduled to commence at 630 pm on Saturday, September 24 at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls’ Grammar School.

Hindustani musician and Director of her Mt Roskill-based Academy, Vidya Teke, is understandably excited as the date draws near for her and her team to stage another quality concert that Aucklanders can enjoy.

“Besides selecting 30 songs from Lata Ji’s collection of more than 25,000, our show highlights an element of surprise each year,” Vidya told Indian Newslink.

Surprise assured

Surprises in their former concerts included ‘Unplugged’ (2014), in which certain songs were not time bound, and ‘Language Medley’ (2015), a medley of three songs rendered in as many languages, including Marathi, Malayalam and Gujarati.

Vidya assures of another surprise at this year’s programme.

Vidya’s husband Shekhar Babanrao Teke has been the Organiser and Event Manager of the Academy’s Live-in-Concert series. He has also been involved in the selection of Lata Ji’s songs each time.

Vidya credits her husband for realising her dreams and successfully implementing the Live-in-Concert programme year after year.

“We never repeat the songs that were sung before at our previous shows, making Lata Ji’s fans and admirers eager to expect the unexpected,” she said.

Inspired fascination

Vidya’s fascination for Lata Ji began during her childhood. Lata became a source of inspiration with the dedication of life to music (Hindustani Classical, Semi-Classical and Light). Her technical perfection and ability to bring ‘bhav’ (emotion) into her songs are a combination rarely seen in today’s generation of singers.

Vidya is committed to showcasing Lata’s songs and emulating her passion and dedication through ‘Aarohi Academy of Music’ and annual concerts dedicated to one of the greatest artistes of our time.

During the rehearsals, students of the Academy and other well-known singers participating in ‘Khamoshiyaan Gun Gunane Lagi 3’ are encouraged to render songs in their individual styles and allow their emotions to ‘shine through,’ at the same time rendering justice to the original.

Supporting artistes

The supporting live orchestra will comprise Hemant Thaker (Keyboard), Joscel Alexander (Acoustic Drums), Joseph Alexander (Octopad), Monitosh Thaker (Guitar), Navneel Prasad (Tabla), Rezwan Ashraf (Guitar) and Shivam Padayachi (Bass Guitar).

Tickets to the Concert, priced at $20 per person, are available at Yogiji’s Food Mart Lotus Supermarket (Mt Roskill), Khyber Spice (Royal Oak), The Chef (Epsom) and Saatveek Vegetarian Restaurant (Sandringham).


  1. Lata Mangeshkar inspiration-Vidya Teke
  2. Vidya Teke with the supporting artistes

Pictures by Meghna Muralimohan


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What:‘Khamoshiyaan Gun Gunane Lagi’

Live-in-Concert Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar

Who:Aarohi Academy of Music
When:Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 630 pm
Where:Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls’ Grammar School,

16 Howe St, Newton, Auckland

Tickets:$20 per person
Contact:For group bookings and more information, please call

Shekhar Babanrao Teke on 021-02736054












“We never repeat the songs that were sung before at our previous shows, making Lata Ji’s fans and admirers eager to expect the unexpected”

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