Let there be Peace and Progress in 2018

Editorial Two

Issue 383 December 15, 2017

Sunny days are here but Christmas bells are yet to chime.

The holiday season is closing in, but the festive mood is yet to dawn.

But before long, the Nation would switch to the holiday mood with hundreds of thousands of people enjoying their annual vacation or at least the statutory holidays, which, carried over the Christmas and New Year weekends, would be neat.

The Mini Budget

As we went to printers with this concluding issue of 2017, the Labour-led Coalition Government would have introduced its Mini Budget, giving vent to some of its election promises. Parliament would discuss Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s first-ever Budget and pass it in urgency. We would analyse the budget and bring you expert comments through our three Web Editions and the Social Media.

The new government deserves support. That is a fair expectation in a democracy. National has had three innings since 2008 and it is now time for its leaders to relax and reflect on their deeds and misdeeds and revitalise themselves before facing the electorate again in 2020. To deny a chance to a government that has been chosen on agreed principle of majority, would not only be unjust but also undemocratic.

The media that unabashedly opposes the incumbent government is not doing the job of the Fourth Estate.

Welcoming the New Year

We would like to predict that 2018 would be a year of reconciliation, reconsolidation and rehabilitation. The world economy would get on to the path of recovery, contrary to the theories of skeptics and those who believe that we are in for a long spell of disasters.

In our own little world, we will continue to speak about celebrating our cultural plurality, social partnership and community engagement.

Most important of all, we will remain as good New Zealanders, as we have always been, with passion, compassion, respect, self-respect, the will to work and the will to succeed.

The current year has been different for different people.

Despite despair, we continued to smile, because we are a nation of doers and optimists, with a strong will to succeed.

Just as every raindrop holds a flower, every moment of the New Year should spell peace, harmony and happiness.


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