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Following our announcement in our July 1, 2016 issue, expression of interest to ‘My World,’ a programme for children between 9 and 12 years of age is now open.

This is a Project conceived, regulated and administered by internationally renowned photographer Ashok Kochhar, whose creative works appear regularly in Indian Newslink.

A few selected children, resident anywhere in New Zealand, irrespective of their ethnicity, will be given cameras to capture pictures of any subject that captivates their eyes.

Fresh opportunity

The idea is to create an opportunity to see the contemporary world through the eyes of children and witness pure visuals.

“The need of the world is a fresh form of communication, which is pure in nature and truly gives an insight into the thoughts of our future global citizens,” Mr Kochhar said.

Programme Highlights

This is a non-commercial initiative. The selected child will be given a film camera to take pictures for 30 days.

Elders of the family should make sure that they do not impose their ideas on the child but help the child to accomplish the project.

The child will decide his or her best two pictures.

Those pictures will be displayed at set venues.

Selected children will be required to provide their portrait.

This is not a competition.

Terms and Conditions

This is a not a profit initiative.

There are no cash or any other rewards.

The pictures taken will be used to promote such promotional events in future.

Cameras should be returned to Ashok Kochhar on or before September 15, 2016.

Selected printed pictures (8” X 10”) will be given to the child after the exhibition ends.

Every child should submit the consent of his or her parent or caregiver.

The decision of Ashok Kochhar will be final and binding on every person concerned and no correspondence or dispute will be entertained.

Interested parents and caregivers must express their interest with details of their child including name, age, school and family details before August 31, 2016.

Email: kochhara55@gmail.com

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